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About Bamboo and Tikis - The Company

Welcome to Bamboo and Tikis! From our 65,000 square foot facility, we are one of the largest providers of outdoor and backyard related products in the western United States. Our goal in creating Bamboo and Tikis is simple. Provide a no frills, no fluff website which offers the finest quality products at the very best price. Combine that with a customer service staff unmatched in their willingness to please the customer and we ask, "Why Shop Anywhere Else?"

Are we the largest distributor of Bamboo, Tikis, and Thatch in the United States? No, but we're close.

Do we have the fanciest website offering such products? No, but we kept it simple to navigate and purchase from our site without picking up the phone.

Do we have one of the best quality products, best prices, and unparalleled customer service? Yes, we are certain of that.

Important note: We also have competitive shipping rates anywhere in the United States. You can also take advantage of free shipping on selected products.

Feel free to call us toll free Monday-Friday 8-5 or Sat-Sun 10-5 Pacific Standard time. Yes we still work weekends.


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