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July 2011

Learn to Speak Green

As our world becomes increasingly more “eco-conscious”, you are bound to come across some terms or phrases you either are not familiar with or don’t completely understand. Here are a few terms whose definition may help as you wade through all things green:

BIODEGRADEABLE – the ability of a material to naturally break down when left completely alone for a period of time. Biodegradable substances will absorb naturally and safely back into the eco-system with the help of microorganisms.

CARBON OFFSETS – units purchased to make up for carbon units emitted by a particular function such as travel. Funds raised by the purchase of carbon offsets are used towards planting carbon absorbing trees, for green research and other green activities to be determined by the purchaser.

One-Time Purchases To Stay Green

Staying true to your new found “green” philosophy can sometimes seem expensive, daunting and, at times, impossible. However, the key is to remember that little changes can have a big overall effect. Sometimes, small one-time purchases can be just the thing to keep your green lifestyle on track. Here are some examples of green products that will last you for the long run while simultaneously protecting the environment.

Reclaimed Leather Purses

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