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August 2011

Have a Lazy Labor Day with These Easy Parties

A Labor Day party doesn’t have to be a monumental project, costing you an arm and leg and taking up your entire weekend in preparation. You can have guests over with minimal prep, expense and clean up…just follow these few simple rules:

1. POTLUCK. It doesn’t have to be as cheesy as the classroom potlucks you had in elementary school, simply send out an email volunteering your home for a BBQ and have your guests reply back with what they will bring. Tell them you will provide meat and your grill master skills, but explain that they will have to help with the rest of the fixings. In the email thread, instruct your friends and family to hit “reply all” a simple a one word response stating what they will bring. More often than not, people are willing to bring food items and/or beverages to a party rather than hosting one themselves.

Genetically Modified Food - Benefit or Risk?

Genetic modification can be a great thing – proof of societal progress, testament to efficiency and a way to end the pesky problems of life in an uncontrolled world. OR it can mean the end to life as we know it, the introduction of species not created by necessity, evolution and natural selection and a dangerous human capacity to play God. Of course, this is all according to who you talk to. In terms of genetically modified food, most people are satisfied simply with their right to know. Clear labeling allows consumers to make informed choices and to take a stand one way or the other on the use of GMOs in our food.

Japan Making Energy Saving Headway

This blog has explored various ways to conserve energy on an individual level. But what if those efforts were federally mandated? Imagine how much energy could be saved if it was a nationwide campaign initiated from the top down rather than a grassroots movement working against the status quo of fossil fuel. The Japanese culture is in the midst of such a movement. Everything from government regulations, to corporate policies, to dedication familial practices are in place to release the country from its dependence on fossil fuels and nuclear energy.

DIY Roof Thatching

So you just came back from your Hawaiian vacation and you’ve decided you want to install your very own tiki hut or palapa. But what next? You could purchase a prefabricated thatch structure, or you could build your own. But how to install that pesky thatch? Well, ask and you shall receive. Here are some quick and easy guidelines for simple installation.

What You’ll Need:

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