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September 2011

The Green Revolution: Altruism or Good Business?

Individuals and businesses everywhere seem to be throwing the words “going green” around. Policy, economy, society and reality all demand that we use whatever renewable resources we can to turn our lifestyles around in order to live more environmentally responsibly. However, when companies built on the values of consumption and excess start to publicize their green efforts, one has to wonder if they are truly attempting to save the planet or if they are merely cashing in on the popularity of the Green Revolution.



Plan a Powerhouse of a Pre-game Party

Attending a tailgate party is one of the best parts of the fall season, coming in second only to the football games themselves. With the thrill of the first weekend of football behind us, now is the time to start planning the parties for the rest of the season. So wether you are planning a shindig for 20 people in the parking lot or simply taking a friend or two to the game this weekend, here are a few quick tips for a happy and safe tailgate party.

Kick the Post-Long Weekend Doldrums

The 3 day weekend is the loophole of the 5 day work week. However, it can be both a blessing and a curse. If you spent the weekend staying up late, consuming copious amounts of your social lubricant of choice and exercising your right to party like its 1999 perhaps you didn’t look as sparkly as usual on this Tuesday morning. Here are a few tips to ensure you don’t look like you had the weekend of a 21 year old on Monday (or Tuesday) morning.

1. Ice is Your Friend. While late nights, alcohol and sleeping strange hours can cause your face to puff up like a marshmallow, running an ice cube over it can decrease swelling and redness. If ice is impractical, you can use frozen vegetables (peas conform to the angles of your face nicely) or a couple of frozen spoons over your eyelids.

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