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November 2011

Going Tropical this Chirstmas? A Few Gift Ideas

Whether you are shopping for your family, friends or yourself this Cyber Monday, we are here for you. Get inspired by our tropical décor and give the gift of the islands at home.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Another Thanksgiving is upon us! We would like to take this time to thank you, our loyal customers and readers for allowing us to be a part of your life. Whether you have fenced your patio in our bamboo fences or found the perfect tiki bar to perfect your backyard oasis, we are happy to have helped you make your home as comfortable as it can be.

We are thankful for your business and support because without you, we would be unable do the things we love: build relationships with the community in which we operate and spread the word about the green revolution in the hope of making this a better world for all of us. We hope that you take this special holiday to remember and give thanks for the things you love to do. Whether love sitting on the beach on a sunny afternoon, playing basketball with friends in the park or simply enjoying the company of others slow down for just a second to count your blessings and credit your accomplishments.

How to Replace Thatch

What You’ll Need

• Measuring tape    
• Zip ties OR Electrical ties
• Heavy duty scissors
• Hammer (to pull out nails) OR staple remover
• Hazel Sticks
• Thatch panels that match existing thatch

What You’ll Do

1. Identify the area of the roof or palapa that needs to be replaced. Look for discoloration or odd breaks and separations in the fronds.

2. Assess whether you need new thatch bundles or if you can fix the thatch you already have installed. Strange breaks and odd patterns can be easily remedied with zip ties or electrical ties and can save a lot of time and trouble.

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