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December 2011

Christmas is Over, but the Tree Doesn't Just Disappear

Every year, Christmas goes by too fast. We spend weeks preparing, decorating and cooking and in one joyous day it’s all over and we are left with the skeletons of gifts given, a slightly dimmer gleam from lights and decorations and a dishwasher full of our special purpose flatware. While it’s a major bummer to “undeck” the halls, we still have to make conscious decisions about what to do with the ultimate in Christmas symbols: the Christmas tree.

First of all, do your research. Leaving your tree on the curb does not mean that it will be recycled or composted. Earth 911 has put together the most comprehensive list to date of recycling centers and services to date. Keep in mind that even though Christmas trees are entirely biodegradable, we still need to help them along by turning them into mulch or donating them to other eco-conscious causes.

Wrapping for Green

Did you know that during the holidays the average American household produces up to three times the amount of waste that it does throughout the rest of the year? Most of this waste consists of packaging refuse, leftover food and wrapping paper. This year, reduce your carbon footprint by taking a few simple steps to wrap your gifts eco-consciously. Here are a few ideas for streamlining your use of wasteful dyed paper while maintaining the creativity and beauty associated with a traditional Christmas tree, complete with beautiful packages.

Create an Eco-Friendly Winter Wonderland at Home

Over the years, Christmas time as become synonymous with excess. Our electricity bills go through the roof with all the extra lights, our waistlines become unmanageable with all the extra food and our wallets become sad and lonely because of all the present we are expected to buy. All of this excess add up, not only in our daily lives but in our landfills as well. So this year, rather than indulging in the abundance of “stuff,” try a more sustainable Christmas. Here are some ideas for decorating your home in a fun and festive, yet eco-friendly style.

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