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Installing Bamboo Fencing

bamboo fence installation picture oneBamboo fences are fun and easy to install. There are many ways to install bamboo fencing. If there is no existing fence it just requires posts and rails to support the bamboo. Characteristically, the wood posts are 4x4s and the rails are 2x4s. To get started dig 18 inch holes, spaced 8 feet apart. Place the 4x4s into the 18 inch deep holes and concrete them vertically into the ground. Make sure the post is plumb and level. Now, screw or nail the rails, 2x4s, horizontally into the posts, 4x4s, 6 inches for the top and the bottom.

Rebuilding Your Wood Fence

bamboo fence installation picture twoRequired tools/materials - cordless drill, level, wood screws (2"-2 1/2"), tapered drill bit w/countersink attachment.

   1. Check that existing wood posts are secure and free of rot.
   2. Have a helper hold flattened bamboo roll against either side of the existing fence.
   3. Raise bamboo roll 1" above the ground to prevent soaking up moisture.
   4. Pre-drill bamboo poles, then attach bamboo roll at the support system. Do not over-tighten the screw. Over-tightening may cause damage to the bamboo.
   5. Alternate top to bottom every 12".
   6. Enjoy your beautiful, tropical, eco-friendly bamboo fence!

Rebuilding your Chain Link Fence

bamboo fence installation picture threeRequired tools/materials - pliers, diagonal cutter, tie wire (14-16 gauge, galvanized)

  1. Have helper straighten out bamboo roll eliminating any kinks.
  2. Have helper hold bamboo roll against chain link fence making sure fence is level and 1 inch above the ground. You may use a 1" scrap piece of lumber.
  3. Attach bamboo roll to chain link fence with galvanized steel and tie the wire every 12 inches alternating top to bottom to keep the fence straight and level. Trim excess wire.
  4. Enjoy your beautiful, tropical, eco-friendly bamboo fence!

Rebuilding your Concrete, Block, Brick, or Stucco Wall

bamboo fence installation picture fourRequired tools/materials - cordless drill, level, 2x4 treated lumber for horizontal rails, power actuated tool with proper load and nail, or tapcon system (to attach rails), deck screws, tapered drill bit with countersink attachment.

  1. Attach 2x4 near top and bottom of the wall utilizing either your PAT, or tapcon system. Make sure this horizontal rail is level and flush with wall (remove any excess mortar prior to installation).
  2. Have helper hold flattened bamboo roll against horizontal rails. Predrill the bamboo poles with drill a bit slightly smaller than the diameter of the deck screw (this protects the bamboo from cracking or splitting). Fasten bamboo roll onto horizontal rails at 12" increments. Alternate top to bottom (see diagram) to keep fence straight and level.
  3.  Enjoy your beautiful, tropical, eco-friendly bamboo fence!
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