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15 Unique Outdoor Accessories to Liven up your Backyard

Unique furniture and accent pieces can liven up your backyard and make it feel like a fresh new space, without any expensive remodeling or drastic permanent changes. Choosing an extraordinary piece can help not only set the tone and create a visual focal point for your backyard, but also give your landscape a new face lift.  Here are 15 outdoor furnishings that exhibit both function and contemporary art.


Designed by the French company Bleu Nature, this eco-friendly outdoor shelter is made completely out of organic materials and uses no glues or environmentally harmful varnishes. The wood comes from natural French forest oak trees. Because there is no finish applied to the wood, it naturally reacts to the environment it’s in and weathers over time to acquire a unique color.
bleu nature illu shelterbleu nature illu shelter
Basalt Slab Benches

These basalt slab benches are some of the most unique pieces of outdoor furniture available. Each bench is hand carved from the original slabs of basalt, which is a volcanic rock that takes over a million years to oxidize. The sides of the benches retain their original rough texture, while the top is polished to a mirrored perfection.
stone forest basalt benches
The Tree Swing

An intricately designed tree swing, such as this one found in the Fuori Salone website, can be the perfect way to add a touch of playfulness to your backyard. The elegant leaf design for the seat of this particular swing is perfect to complement a nature themed back yard, or bring a touch of nature to any modern décor.
tree swing
The Hammock

If you want to give an air of tranquility to your backyard, consider adding a simple and inviting hammock, like this one from Unique Simplicities Inc. It gives people in the house a reason to go out to the yard in the springtime and soak in the warm sun while reading a good book or sipping a cool drink.
hammock outdoor
Outdoor Wicker Furniture

Nothing says “laid back” like outdoor wicker furniture. These pieces by Merane come with Subrella cushions that provide even more comfort and relaxation. The addition of wicker furniture to your backyard is a great way to add texture to your landscape while also giving it a breezy and lively look.
merane outdoor furniturmerane outdoor furniture

merane outdoor furnituremerane outdoor furniture
Traditional Japanese Stone Basin

Stone Forest produces a variety of Japanese stone basins like the ones below. They are beautifully crafted and the sound of water flowing against the hard stone, combined with the basins’ serene aesthetic can create a soothing backyard atmosphere.
stone forest wabi basinstone forest natsume basin
Granite Fire Pit

Stone Forest has a granite fire pit which is made completely out of natural stone and compliments any backyard with its medieval aesthetic. The combination of rough surface textures and a polish edge is what makes this granite fire pit eye catching and decoratively sound.
stone forest helios firestone forest helos fire
Modern Outdoor Chairs

The Disk Armchair, made by Karim Rashid, looks especially perfect when placed poolside, but with its stylish modern look and feel, it can liven and streamline the look of any backyard. The Disk Chair’s strong fiberglass material keeps its shape, and also makes it possible for the chair to be manufactured in a wide variety of vibrant colors.
owo armchair disk
Rustic Fireplace

This rustic, outdoor fireplace created by Sly Designers is a modernist accessory that can complement the backyard of a country log home or any contemporary styled house. The design creates the illusion of a tree trunk, but the portable fireplace is actually made out of steel. This piece is perfect for outdoor camping, or providing a central location for guests to gather around and relax.
sly designers fireplace
Granite Fountain

This granite fountain from Stone Forest is a perfect touch to polish or add the finishing touch to the look of your backyard or garden. Like their fire pits, their granite fountains are made of natural stone, and they are carved from a single block of granite. Placed as the centerpiece of a backyard, this fountain design is impressively elegant.
stone forest water table
Patio Lamps

A unique patio lamp can make a backyard feel cozy and stylish at night. With the right lighting, a backyard can make for the perfect place to host an evening cocktail party or any other kind of celebration. Well placed lighting can also aid in highlighting your landscapes best features.  Look for water resistant properties when selecting a lighting system and a design that fits your desired theme.
patio lamps
Suspended Fire Pit

A suspended fire pit provides a new variation on the traditional backyard fire pit. This design from Stone Forest combines natural stone with iron, to give the fire pit a very modern look and feel. To create the pit, the stone block was cleaved in half to provide a base from which the iron vessel could be suspended. This accessory works with both wood and gas.
stone fores suspended fire pit
Contemporary Stone Bench

Benches, especially ones with gaudy or baroque designs, can sometimes make a smaller backyard feel cluttered. A sleek, minimalistic stone bench can provide an elegant solution to visually adding space. Stone Forest’s benches are cut from large travertine slabs, and built in a unique minimalist style design.
stone forest sienna benchstone forest sienna benches
Slate Planter

These slate stone planters, from Stone Forest, are not your standard backyard flower pots. Each one is carved by hand, ensuring a unique product every time. Depending on the composition of each stone block, they obtain various effects over time such as color variations, veining and other aesthetic irregularities that set these slate planters apart from any others you could find.
stone forest slate planters
The Spring Free Trampoline

Like the swing, the trampoline can add an immediate air of playfulness and fun to any backyard space. This Safe Trampoline from Springfree uses patented special technologies to make it the safest possible trampoline on the market. The risk to jumpers is virtually none. Great if you have young kids, or are entertaining guests.
springfree trampoline
Check out http://www.trendir.com for additional outdoor furniture ideas and unique architectual designs.


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Love the Stone Forest granite

Love the Stone Forest granite fire pit, and the natural rock water pool to the right of the traditional Japanese stone basin.

Thanks for your comment. We

Thanks for your comment. We love these ideas as well and hope that our site continues to be informative and inspirational. Additioanlly, http://www.backyardxscapes.com/your-backyard/outdoor-fireplaces.html is a great online resource for firepits and fountains.

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