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3 Tips to Travel Green This Memorial Day

Most of us consider Memorial Day the official kickoff for summer. As the temperature warms up, we spend more time outside and more time dreaming up wonderful outdoor adventures for ourselves, our families and our friends. As you start planning your summer and all the vacations that go with it, remember that just because you are faraway, doesn’t mean you have to abandon the green lifestyle you have worked so hard to achieve. Here are three tips for staying green on vacation:

Pack Your Own Toiletries. By using your own soap, shampoo and conditioner, you will save those little plastic bottles found in the hotel room from the landfill. Untouched toiletries are usually left for the next guest to use, so the fewer are consumed the fewer will need to be replaced. If you do have to use the hotel soap, make sure to use the entire bottle or take home the rest and recycle the container afterwards. Additionally, those bottles make great carriers for liquid that you may need to take on the airplane.

Book Non-Stop Flights. When possible, try to book flights with the fewest take offs, or fly direct. Departures and arrivals use the most gas and are therefore the most taxing on the environment. The same is true in private vehicles: the more stops and starts are made, the more gas is consumed. Reduce these numbers to save gas.

Take Home Recyclables. Many remote destinations do not have responsible recycling programs in place yet. If you must dispose of plastic containers, cans or even batteries, try to take them home with you. Just put them in a plastic bag in your suitcase so they don’t leak and dispose of them responsibly when you arrive home. Make sure that your vacation doesn’t create more waste than necessary.

So as you see the world this summer, learn as much as you can, experience everything and leave behind a destination that will be equally beautiful for generations to come.


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