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5 Great Green Christmas Gifts...Just-in-Time

Just because your Christmas gifts are last minute, doesn’t mean they have to be bad or obvious. At Bamboo and Tiki’s we are always trying to find new ways to save both money and the environment. The following are a few gift ideas that are fun, eco-friendly, relatively inexpensive and can be purchased or made just in time for Christmas.

Tickets – Give a gift that takes up no closet space, serves as a social outlet and offers an escape from the doldrums of routine. A friend, family member or significant other will love a pair of tickets to a sporting event, concert, movies or whatever live performances suit their fancy. What’s more, you can get tickets online for an event far in advance, so even if you “forgot” to get a gift, no one will be the wiser. Plus, the environment will thank you for decreasing packaging waste and carbon emissions from shipping and production.


Amazon.com gift cards – The world’s largest online retailer offers something for everyone. However, the eco-conscious consumer should opt for downloadable entertainment; Amazon offers music for download as well as movies and television series for streaming. Buy the gift card online, post it on your giftees facebook page and wa-lah! You have given a great gift at zero cost to the environment.

Tiki sign - Do you know a family or couple that just moved into a new house or is always working on their home? Offer them some tropical inspiration with a bamboo-constructed tiki sign. Bamboo is the most environmentally-friendly building material on earth, not to mention one of the most durable and beautiful. Stimulate some creative juices by offering either the impetus to a tropical backyard or add the finishing touch.

Offer your services – Everyone appreciates an opportunity to relax. Offer to cook dinner once a week for a month, do the most despised household chores, babysit the kids for couple of nights or do errands for a friend or loved one. They are sure to enjoy the extra free time. Additionally, this gift has a negligible carbon footprint and won’t deplete your checking account this holiday season. Considerate, eco-friendly and economical, what else could you ask for in a gift?


Bake Homemade cookies bring joy wherever they go, and whatever end of the gift-giving chain they are on. Baking cookies with a special someone is a fun way to celebrate the holidays together and bringing cookies to the office or a party is an easy way to cross off everyone on your list. Again, there is no waste to speak of (even if you’re a terrible chef, cookies are biodegradable), no carbon footprint and minimal cost (a few baking supplies go a long way).

If you must go with traditional tangible gifts, there are some great resources from eco-friendly products as well as gifts made entirely from recycled goods. Remember, the best gifts are always the most personal and considerate, being simultaneously eco-conscious is just icing on the Christmas spirit cake.


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