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6 Most Popular Bamboo Products

Popular Bamboo ProductsMore than just panda food, bamboo is used in a remarkable variety of products. There are bamboo houses, bamboo skateboards and even bamboo computer keyboards. A very versatile plant, there’s almost nothing bamboo can’t do. Here are the 6 most popular bamboo products being manufactured today.

  1. Bamboo Furniture
    Giving a rustic look to any home, bamboo makes extremely high quality furniture as it will last forever. You can get chairs, tables, beds, and just about anything you can name, made out of bamboo. A very renewable resource because of its rapid growth rate, bamboo makes ideal furniture because you don’t have to cut down trees for a quality product. Harder than oak, bamboo is also considerably less expensive, providing quality without a high cost.

  2. Bamboo Clothes
    Bamboo makes for extremely comfortable fashion. Its fibers are weaved into thread that is soft and elegant to wear. You can choose from fashionable bamboo tops, nightshirts and even boxer shorts. Its light weight is nice and cool with plenty of room to breath. Although a bamboo forest doesn’t look very comfortable, make it into clothes and it becomes a wearable, soft fabric perfect for fashion.

  3. Bamboo Sheets
    Bamboo also makes for soft sheets that are fairly inexpensive. Softer than cotton, bamboo is comfortable for sleep and perfect for dreams. It keeps cool in the Summer, yet its temperature regulating qualities help it stay warm in the Winter. Organic bamboo is also odor resistant, so you’re not left wondering where that smell came from.

  4. Tiki Bars
    Creating a perfect island environment, tiki bars make a great place to relax with friends in the backyard for a few cocktails. The bars feature plenty of storage options so you can stock for as large of a party as you want to throw. You can get one with a roof or without, perfect for shade or enjoying the full-blown sun. You can get one installed in your backyard or living room, or you can get a portable bar to take on camping excursions. The choice is yours.

  5. Bamboo Fencing
    Bamboo fencing looks good indoors or out, wherever your pleasure. You can use it for walls, room dividers or other barriers. Depending on the type you choose, bamboo fencing offers privacy with a rustic look that appeals to the naturalness of the backyard. You can even get rolled bamboo fencing or panels. With proper care, bamboo fencing should last a long time and still look great. Because of its rapid growth, bamboo is a "green" building material. Not only is it a renewable resource, but it’s strong and durable. Bamboo adds an authentic island look to any yard.

  6. Bamboo Rugs
    Bamboo rugs have a long tradition that is rekindling in popularity because of its environmental benefits. Durable and aesthetically pleasing, bamboo makes for a comfortable rug that is smooth and elegant on the feet. Because of their high strength, they work well in high-trafficked areas. Bamboo rugs are also easy to clean and maintain. Because they are easy to clean, bamboo rugs are good for eating areas like dining rooms or kitchens. They also make a perfect place to do yoga.

As a high quality building resource, bamboo products are not very expensive considering their durability and elegance. Their popularity is growing as people continue to look for "green" alternatives to decorate their homes and offices.


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