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Adding the Tropical Look Inside Your Home

Just because the fall and winter temperatures are upon us, it doesn't mean that we can't still bring back a bit of summer.  Elements such as how vibrant colors are in the sunlight, mini vacations, and relaxing times, are all what we love about those warm months. 

Although your backyard may be covered in fallen leaves or even snow, grab a fruity drink, throw an umbrella in it, because we're going show you how to bring summer back and add some island flavor into your home. 

(Bamboo Curtains Courtesy of www.MauiDeanOnline.com)

We've always discussed about how durable Bamboo is and how it's a green resource because of how fast it grows, but one of the things we love most about Bamboo is how there are endless possibilities on what you could do with it.  Naturally bamboo has beautiful aesthetic quality that really livens and creates an awesome vibe to wherever you add it. 

Just like how we eat with our eyes first, scenery is what captures a relaxing feeling for us as well.  We found these great Bamboo Curtains that you could use to not only accent doorways but also hang as wall art. 

(Ocean Scented Candle Courtesy of www.MauiDeanOnline.com)

To continue stimulating your senses, scent has the power to capture magical moments and bring back wonderful memories.  Even if you don't live by the coast, this flameless ocean scented candle can invigorate your senses and remind you of the calming waves of the ocean. 

Turning your home into a tropical resort may seem like a challenging task, but we suggest starting with a single room first.  Pick a room or area that you can escape to and decorate it like your favorite getaway. 

Tiki statues have the ability to add character to any room, while not requiring any permanent commitement to the decor.  Use the Thatch Runner Roll,  or Lauhala Matting on or along your ceilings to turn any room into an indoor palapa. 

Though the Holidays and cooler temperatures are upon us, incorporating a bit of summer is a great way to create that indoor getaway. 




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