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New VIRO Thatch Products On Their Way!

Bamboo and Tikis is proud to introduce a new line of eco-friendly products: Viro Thatch. Viro Thatch products are the only non-toxic and 100% recyclable thatch products on the market today. Made from the greenest plastic on earth, HDPE, they have a built in fire retardant, are completely water resistant and will not fade, rot or shed. When you’re done with the thatch, simply toss it in a recycling bin and the entire product can be reused. Not the only synthetic thatch on the market, ViroThatch is the first and only synthetic thatch created with an entirely sustainable and non-toxic production process

Choosing the Right Sunscreen

Every year, thousands of people abandon their dry habitats in search of a more refreshing marine landscape; thousands of dollars are spent on beach vacations, snorkeling adventures and ocean tours and thousands of gallons of sunscreen are spread lavishly on the shoulders of adults and children alike. While it is important to protect ourselves from the sun’s harmful rays, another factor when considering sun protection is the effect it may have on the very ecosystem we look forward to enjoying.

3 Tips to Travel Green This Memorial Day

Most of us consider Memorial Day the official kickoff for summer. As the temperature warms up, we spend more time outside and more time dreaming up wonderful outdoor adventures for ourselves, our families and our friends. As you start planning your summer and all the vacations that go with it, remember that just because you are faraway, doesn’t mean you have to abandon the green lifestyle you have worked so hard to achieve. Here are three tips for staying green on vacation:

Mother's Day Gift Ideas

Your Mom has been there for you your whole life. She was there for your birth, she was there to take care of you when you were sick and to support you when you were struggling. With Mother’s Day coming up this weekend, it is time to attempt the impossible and show her how much you appreciate her. If you’re stuck on what the perfect symbol of thanks might be, here are some ideas to get your creative juices flowing.

Homemade gift cards. Make Mom a booklet of coupons services she can use whenever she needs some time off. Good ideas include babysitting, making dinner, cleaning or running errands like picking up the dry cleaning or dropping kids off at school. She is sure to appreciate the gesture that acknowledges her need for some more free time.

The Latest Bamboo Product: MacBook Pro Case

Companies and individuals all over the world are trying to find ways to pare down. Whether it is by using less, recycling more or participating in more in-house waste treatment objectives, everyone is jumping on the green bandwagon. Tech companies are even trying to use less volume and more eco-friendly plastic; we have seen the development of eco-friendly tech packaging and even of eco-conscious tech casing. Now comes the manufacture and sale of the all bamboo laptop case for the MacBook Pro.

Earth Day is This Weekend

Earth Day is Friday April 22. This 40 year tradition is typically celebrated by planting a tree and participating in other “green” activities. However, if you don’t have the time or space to plant a full scale tree in your yard, here are some other tips and tricks to celebrate Earth Day and maybe even save you some dough along the way.

1. Spring Clean. Use Earth Day as a motivator to finish your spring cleaning. Take care to use eco-friendly cleaners and environmentally friendly practices for tasks like laundry, cleaning drains and disposing of electronics. Donate what you don’t need or no longer want to help those in need and keep your old stuff out of landfills.

Bamboo and Tikis Supports Granite Hills High School Surf Team

Bamboo and Tikis recently donated tropical décor and tiki masks to the Granite Hills High School Surf Team. The Team held their island-themed year-end banquet recently in the DreamCatcher at Viejas where Bamboo and Tikis' tropical decorations were featured. The Surf Team holds an annual banquet to honor the students excellence both in and out of the water. Of course, a tropical theme was appropriate for the event as so many of the Surf Teams values are based on the ocean and the cultures surrounding it.

3 Steps to "Go Green" and Rejuvenate Your New Year's Resolution

As the glory of summer is upon us we may have forgotten those hopeful resolutions we made 4 months ago. During those bleak winter months, anything seemed possible with a little effort but as summer approaches, effort goes out the window and we trade our high hopes for lazy days spent at the beach. If you resolved to “go green” this year, here are three easy steps to ensure your resolve isn’t left out at sea.

Give that Old Bamboo Fence New Life

Looking for an affordable way to give you backyard a face lift for the summer? Look no further than that bamboo fence you installed last season. After a year of weathering, a bamboo fence is porous enough to accept a sealant, varnish or other restoring treatment.

3 Months to a Gorgeous Summer Body

The official first day of summer is exactly 3 months from today: June 21. Get your body ready for the hot summer days and warm summer nights just as you get your backyard ready: with planning, foresight and commitment. Here is a general outline for ensuring your body is a perfect match for the beautiful summer weather:

March 21- April 21

Commit to doing some form of cardio for at least 20 minutes, 3 times a week and include resistance training 2-3 times a week.  Resistance training includes “core” exercises like front and side planks, crunches and anything requiring twisting, bending, lifting or leaning the torso and should last 15-30 minutes.

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