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The Garbage Patch in the Great Pacific

The last time you made a purchase, whether furniture from Ikea, an Ipod from Apple, or even snacks from your local grocery store, did you notice how much packaging went into the product? 

Growth Rates for Different Bamboo Plants

Bamboo is the fastest growing plant in the world, making it an environmentally friendly construction alternative to hardwood trees. Each species grows at its own rate, and growth rate is dependent on the climate and growing conditions. Choosing the right species depends on how fast you’d like the bamboo to grow, as well as what you’re using it for. Compare the growth rates of different bamboo plants below.

5 Reasons your Garden Should Have Bamboo Plants

Bamboo is a wonderful plant, but its fast growth and versatility are some of the major reasons many fear growing it in their yards. It grows so heartily, homeowners fear it will just take over. Yet there are many noninvasive clumping bamboos available that won’t turn your yard into a bamboo jungle. Here are 5 reasons why your garden should have bamboo plants.

Massive Earthquake Strikes Haiti

Haiti Earthquakehaiti

All over the news and media recently is the disaster that has struck Haiti just around the Port-Au-Prince area.  An earthquake measuring 7.0 on the richter scale has left what is feared to be thousands dead and many more homeless and in devastation.  Homes, buildings, roadways and more have been destroyed and the country is in a severe state of emergency. 

Top 5 Uses for Bamboo Fencing

bamboo fence

One of the biggest trends for the past decade has been "going green." One renewable resource which has been at the cutting edge of developing an infinite array of green products is BambooBamboo's exponential growth rate, makes it an ideal and eco-friendly replacement for traditional woods.

How to Reuse Holiday Decorations for Everyday Decor

With the holiday madness now just a few days behind us, this is generally the time to begin packing away the season's decorations and possibly even give the home a new look. 

Before you throw away that Christmas tree, broken ornaments or burnt out strings of lights, read on to see how you can recycle or reuse holiday decorations.

Most Unique Bamboo Based Products

Bamboo grows at an incredibly fast rate, boosting an average of 60 cm in a single day. What’s even more impressive is that the uses of this natural plant grow just as fast. Bamboo products are being used in everything from skateboards to football helmets to bicycles. There’s even a wide line of bamboo furniture available. There’s almost nothing this resilient plant can’t do.

Happy Holidays!

Just like how many of you probably feel, this year flew right on by.  2009 has been absolutely incredible, from our new website launch, to our new products, wonderful customer feedback and amazing affiliates that we've had the pleasure of working with. 

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