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5 Reasons your Garden Should Have Bamboo Plants

Bamboo is a wonderful plant, but its fast growth and versatility are some of the major reasons many fear growing it in their yards. It grows so heartily, homeowners fear it will just take over. Yet there are many noninvasive clumping bamboos available that won’t turn your yard into a bamboo jungle. Here are 5 reasons why your garden should have bamboo plants.

In Danger of Extinction

Though bamboo multiplies very fast and there are hundreds of varieties, a United Nation report recently estimated that half of all bamboo species are threatened with extinction. Bamboo is a great way to keep the environment clean and balanced. People can contribute to the preservation of a variety of species of bamboo by growing it in their own domestic gardens.

Grows in Confined Spaces

Bamboo doesn’t have to take over. It’s one of the few plants that doesn’t require much space to grow. While many varieties multiply at a fast rate, you can contain the plant by regularly pruning the roots to control its growth. You can also grow the plants in containers to discourage them from multiplying and taking over. Though bamboo plants grown in containers are not as hearty as those grown in the ground, proper care can keep them healthy and beneficial. If you have a small yard, bamboo is an excellent way to add a forested effect that’s both beautiful and natural. Bamboo offers plenty of shade, which makes it much cooler in the summer.

Helps Save the Environment

Bamboo releases 25% more oxygen and absorbs 4 times the carbon dioxide as hard wood trees, thus bamboo can be extremely beneficial to the environment. Bamboo grows fast, giving better environmental benefits than even an oak tree which, not to mention, takes decades to achieve a hearty size. Bamboo provides a fast environmental solution that adds oxygen to the air. Its roots are also good for the soil, creating a hearty mixture that improves the soil’s composition.

Great Construction Material

Bamboo is heartier and stronger than oak, but can achieve full growth in a few short months. It makes an excellent building material and a great alternative to lumber. Bamboo can also be used to make fishing poles, skateboards, floors and even computer keyboards; all using natural elements that are good for the environment. It’s a great flooring material, as it is inexpensive and long lasting. A well-sculpted bamboo patch can also be marketable as you can sell the bamboo to different bamboo manufacturers and grow a profit right out of your yard.

Easy to Control

Once you know how to grow it, bamboo can easily controlled. You can use 3 basic methods to sculpt its growth. You can abort new shoots simply by weeding, mowing or even just kicking over shoots that grow in undesirable areas. You can also prune the roots and use trenches to keep one species from invading another. Pruning only needs to be done once or twice a year. A third effective way at controlling the growth of bamboo is to erect physical barriers. In fact, many experts are hesitant to recommend growing bamboo unless a root barrier has been installed. This keeps the growth confined and controlled so that the growth does not get out of hand. Bamboo is an amazing plant. Share it with the world by growing your own grove. You’ll help the environment as well as add rustic beauty to your land.


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