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Benefits of Bamboo Fencing

Bamboo’s Natural Beauty Makes for Good Growth for the Earth

Bamboo fencing has a natural beauty that fits perfectly into any landscape, but it also has many environmental features as well. As the fastest growing plant on record, bamboo stands as the most environmentally friendly wood product on the face of the earth. Bamboo can be harvested for wood every three years. Compare that to the 30 to 50 years it would take to grow back a cedar tree after you’ve cut it down for wood. Bamboo may be like wood, but it grows like a weed. It has been measured to grow more than 121 centimeters in a single 24-hour period. A bamboo forest can harvest 20 times more wood than a traditional forest, and it can be harvested and re-harvested without damage to the environment.

Bamboo May Be Grass, But It’s Stronger and Better Than Wood

Technically, bamboo isn’t wood at all but actually a fast growing grass, but it can be used for construction materials as well as fencing. Houses as well as bicycles can be built out of it. As a fencing component, bamboo is exceedingly strong, about twice as strong as cedar fences. Bamboo is actually 2 to 3 times stronger than your average timber. Bamboo can also withstand extreme environmental conditions such as strong hurricane winds. It’s also termite resistant, allowing it to survive an infestation that would eat most wooden fence constructions. (Due to the naturally high content of silica in bamboo, termites cannot digest it).

On top of the environmental, strength and disease resistance considerations, bamboo is also an extremely affordable fencing component, costing less than most traditional fencing products. It’s significantly less expensive than a vinyl fence and is much easier to install, saving you the costs of a contractor. It costs more than cedar fencing, but the cost is well worth it when you consider that it will last considerably longer than a cedar fence.

Bamboo Can Be as Simple or Artsy as You Want

Bamboo fences can be simple or they can be complex works of art. You can either connect versatile panels of bamboo poles together, using a dark twine to hold poles together, or you can get fancy and creative. Bamboo fencing can be purchased commercially in easy-to-install rolls. These bamboo canes are wired together from the back in a way that isn’t visible but still provides connection with flexibility and plenty of support.

Bamboo can either be installed in a picture frame bamboo fence in which the bamboo is framed by traditional wood on all four sides. When both sides of the fence are framed, you have a “good neighbor” fence. This style has an advantage because it can be more naturally incorporated into the existing wood of the house for a seamless feel.

Bamboo can also be installed like traditional wood without the picture framing approach. The bamboo is secured to two wooden 2X4s that serve as rails. This creates a fence with two sides, one frame cleaner than the other because it will only have the bamboo showing. 

Keep Out the Rot

You should always keep the bamboo from directly contacting with the ground to prevent rot. Although it will retain its strength for many years, bamboo can fade in color and sometimes crack. It’s a good idea to coat the bamboo with several layers of varnish when it is installed. You may want to recoat it with a UV-resistant tarnish at least once a year. The ties of bamboo fencing can be easily and cheaply replaced as needed for a long lasting fence. With proper maintenance, you can get a good 20 years out of a bamboo fence.

Whether you choose bamboo for environmental considerations or looks, you get a fence that more naturally fits outdoor environments that’s also better for the earth. It’s a sustainable building material and it’s very long lasting. With bamboo, you get a quality, good-looking fence that brings a unique sense of character to your home or yard.


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