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Benefits of Using Bamboo Versus Other Wood Materials

Bamboo vs. Other Wood MaterialsBamboo is becoming a popular alternative to wood for many reasons. Not only is it more environmental, but bamboo can also be durable and more affordable. Plus, it’s light but strong, making an ideal construction material that’s also very sustainable and renewable. Here are some benefits of using bamboo versus other wood materials.

Bamboo’s Many Environmental Benefits
Bamboo grows rapidly in a variety of conditions, capable of growing up to 60 cm every day. In about 5 years, a bamboo grove can grow more construction materials than a grove of trees will grow in 40 years. This makes it extremely sustainable. Plus, bamboo provides 35% more oxygen to the air than comparable trees, as well as absorbs 40% more carbon dioxide than trees, creating better air quality. Bamboo can grow successfully without any fertilizers or pesticides, so its harvesting process is kinder to the Earth. Bamboo also has a wide spreading root system that keeps twice as much water in the watershed and prevents soil erosion. Time Magazine has touted planting bamboo as one of the top things Americans can do to prevent global warming.

Bamboo’s Extreme Strength
Bamboo is heartier than oak and stronger than steel, yet grows out of the ground like a weed. It’s flexible and lightweight, but stronger than most hardwoods. Bamboo’s strength is often compared to maple wood, one of the strongest hardwoods available. Though bamboo is naturally water-resistant, its treatment process further increases its water resistance, so you don’t have to worry about warping.

Because it is so sustainable and easy to grow, bamboo is more affordable than most wood. It can be easily grown and harvested, so it is one of the cheapest construction materials around.

Exotic Look
Bamboo looks wonderful, adding a natural tone to anything you use it for. It makes great outdoor decoration and can be used as quality fencing for privacy and security. Bamboo adds an island look to your home that’s natural and exotic.

The uses of bamboo are extremely versatile. It can be used as a construction substitute for any sort of wood, and has been fashioned into skateboards, bicycles and bike helmets because of its light weight and durability. It’s many uses make bamboo perfect for fencing, flooring, building posts and house walls.

Solid and secure, bamboo makes a better quality wood that’s stronger and more affordable than most hardwoods. It’s a quick answer to deforestation. Let the trees grow and build your house out of bamboo instead.

Bamboo has thousands of uses, and it’s being implemented in new products constantly as its popularity continues to grow. It can be used to cease our timber consumption and ease the problem of deforestation.

Economically Viable for Developing Countries
Bamboo grows best in tropical zones which just happen to be some of the poorest locales in the world. Bamboo provides an economically viable crop for people to make their livelihoods. As popularity of bamboo grows, these countries are enjoying access to a wider market. It’s not only sustainable to the Earth, but to developing economies, as well.

Bamboo also grows great in rural environments, reducing industrial and urbanization impacts. It provides a more viable resource for poorer countries, a way of sharing the wealth of modernization. Bamboo is changing the face of the world as we know, creating a viable natural construction material that’s stronger and more sustainable for the future.


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