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Creating a Holiday Centerpiece

There is a parallel relationship between how we see things and how they appear to taste.  Because we eat with our eyes first, presentation enhances the eating experience. 

Dating back to ancient times, from royalty and nobility to common folk, eating has always been a sacred activity meant to celebrate, bring people together to become a merry medley just like the array of dishes being presented.

With the holidays now here and festivities at their peak, we wanted to show you how to create a beautiful centerpiece without too much time or fuss. 

To be a little creative you can even infuse a little bit of tropical flavor into your design as well.

 The best place to start is with items you already have.  With all the winter spending going on between gifts, food and other decor, you can save money by re-using basic holiday itmes such as wrapping paper, ribbon, ornaments, candles and more. 

We wrote about how lighting plays a key role in any decor because it adds another dimension of color, highlights your best features and also creates mood.  Candles are nothing new when it comes to decorating a table setting, but here are some tips to creating the holiday look.

  • Group candles of different heights or complimentary colors together, to create a visual landscape.
  • Make sure they are newer candles so you don't have to worry about them burning into the table.
  • Create a wreath of flowers, acorns, or even ornaments to accent the focal point.
  • Safety first!  Don't place flammable objects by the flame and be sure you're not leaving any fires unattended.

If you have extra ribbon laying around, tie them around the candles for a holiday accent or tie a bow around your ornaments to sit around the candle.  To infuse a tropical look you can place flowers such as the a "Birds of Paradise" or Hibiscus, in place of Holly and Pointsettias. 

Tiki Statues can also make for great table accents that will also stimulate conversation.

When creating your table setting, remember it's best to stick to a few colors and work along that theme.  Instead of traditional napkin rings, try tying a bit of tinsel accented with a small ornament. 

Bamboo and Tikis wishes you and your loved ones a very merry holiday season and a spectacular new year filled with love, fortune, happiness, luck and more!


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