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Decorate Your Way to Paradise

Create your very own backyard paradise with only a few purchases and a couple of time saving tips. At Bamboo and Tikis, we advocate the use of bamboo and reusable, environmentally friendly materials in any project. Bamboo grows quickly in most parts of the world, does not require pesticides or chemicals to reach maturity and can be continually harvested with minimal soil erosion. Here are some tips to make your backyard tropical and green, in both senses of the term.


The first and most important step is to plan before you purchase. Draw out your backyard on a piece of graph paper and map out dimensions for furniture, umbrellas and empty space.


Next, build boundaries, borders or other dividers. Install bamboo fencing over an existing structure or use bamboo borders to create a visual division between a garden area and the rest of the yard. Shrubs and plants can also be used to create boundaries or to emphasize a main focal point or walkway.

Consider a water feature. Garden fountains, pools and ponds will give your backyard some depth and life. A fountain will create a steady sound and ambiance, while a pool will give you a place to entertain and play in the summer months. A pond can accent your yard and provide you with an interesting venue for colorful fish and vegetation.

No tropical setting is complete without a variety of bright colors. Vibrant plants and flowers will give your outdoor space diversity and life while an original tiki mask, statue or sign will provide authentic cultural accents. Our tikis are handcrafted and individually designed, so no two are alike ensuring your backyard will be unique and original.

Make sure to maintain your living elements. Choose foliage that is indigenous to your area to minimize labor and put your sprinklers on a timer to save time and reduce waste; make sure the timer is set for dark hours so you do not lose water to evaporation. Healthy plants, grass and other foliage are imperative to a cozy and comfortable backyard.

Light and heat your backyard paradise effectively and artfully with tiki torches and electric heaters. Make sure to light the central focus points of your yard and patio as well as main walkways and potential hazards and hide unfinished or unsightly areas in the dark.


Most important of all, remember that “less is more” when it comes to decorating and revamping your backyard. Stick to your plan and don’t get carried away. This simple advice will save you time, money and problems. Your outdoor escape should reflect your tastes and should be somewhere you can relax. If you are comfortable in your space, your guests will be too.



That's going to make things a

That's going to make things a lot easier from here on out.

Thanks for reading! We

Thanks for reading! We sincerely hope that our posts make our readers lives easier and more manageable. We are glad to inspire your backyard projects...thanks for taking the time to give us feedback.

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