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Decorating for the Holidays

The weekend after Thanksgiving usually means a few great things, lots of yummy leftovers, a tremendous amount of sales and the best of all, decorating and getting ready for the holidays.  Between  preparing for guests, gift shopping and so much more, the list of tasks can seem never overwhelming and not leave much time to think about decorating. 

We're always looking for new ways to infuse a little bit of the tropics into each holiday season while keeping the magic of the holiday at hand. 

Before rushing off to the store this season to pick up all new decorations, a tree and holiday yard furnishings, look into what you may already have and utilize these tips for a pocket friendly and tropical holiday season look.

Lighting the Way

One general rule towards everything from decorating to purchasing kitchen ware or even tools is "avoiding single use items".  Especially with the current tough times, it's smart to ensure that you are getting the most of your purchase. 

Stringed white lights add an alluring feel to any structure and can be used all year round.  Many trendy neighborhoods museums and restaurants use them to add atmosphere and creatively light up different areas. 

You can use stringed lights under a Thatch Umbrella Kit to highlight the textures of the thatch and also create a downward glowing effect on a table or pathway. 

Save a Tree

Instead of shelling out money on a Christmas tree in which you're only going to use once then dispose of, pick up a mini palm or another plant that can substitue for your tree that you can also use year round.  Not only would you be saving a tree, but also making the most of your dollars spent.  Many smaller palms can hold lights and decoration just like a pine tree can. 

Decorate Creatively

Keep in mind that the Holidays are meant to be fun and about spending time with your loved ones.  Rather than your typical holiday decor, make this holiday season about a getaway.  Decorate Holly and Poinsettias around Tikis to add a tropical holiday flare to your decor.

Don't want to clean up after the holidays?  How about edible decorations.  Popcorn garland is not only fun to make with the family, but also serves as an inexpensive and yummy decorative accent. 

If you don't have a fireplace to hang stockings, put up a bamboo fence along a wall, and hang stockings from hooks for an island festive look. 

This season, take a look in last year's closet to see what you have and get creative with those items.  Don't stress out over the small details and remember that the holidays are meant to be fun with friends and family. 


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