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Different Bamboo Fencing Styles

Bamboo Fencing StylesOne of the fastest growing plants on Earth, bamboo is an environmentally-versatile building option that is highly sustainable and renewable. It can be used in a variety of fencing options that are attractive, as well as affordable. Here are a few different bamboo fencing styles to consider.

Bamboo Stick
Mimicking the look of a more traditional fence, a bamboo stick fence is made of bamboo slats, instead of the traditional poles being woven together with wire. It’s best to waterproof a bamboo stick fence for longevity. If treated properly, bamboo stick fencing can provide years of quality use.

Bamboo Twig
This type of bamboo fencing provides a more rustic-looking option, perfect for that island look. Gathered bamboo branch twigs are woven together with wire. It allows more light through, which can be great on a sunny day. The drawback, however, is that they offer less privacy. If you don’t want the neighbors to see, you might want to opt for a different type of fencing.

Bamboo Cane
Bamboo cane fencing is pretty much self-explainatory, made of bamboo cane that has been woven together. As the cane is not split in the construction process, this is one of the more durable fencing options, and is perfect for the outdoors.

Bamboo Panels
Made of slats or poles attached to a support system to create a panel, bamboo panels are different than traditional bamboo fencing as the bamboo is not woven together. It’s a very sturdy option that allows for more privacy. It’s a tighter brand of fence that is both durable and impenetrable to wandering eyes.

Bamboo Privacy Hedge
This is kind of like a fence you grow your own. Instead of installing a fence, simply plant a bamboo hedge where you’d like privacy. This is a great idea as the bamboo continues to grow, so you can easily end up with a forest in a few years. The bamboo grows thick and dense and does well in most climates. It virtually creates its own forest, instilling a natural beauty to your property in addition to increased privacy.

This classically traditional bamboo fence consists of panels and bamboo poles supported by several half-round rails attached with ties. It’s a good screening fence as it has no gaps, so you get great privacy.

This open, shorter fence is ideal for gardens. It’s a quaint fence that’s great for flower gardens, providing an attractive traditional look that blends in well with the landscape. The fence consists of a lattice of narrow bamboo shoots that are connected to broader top and bottom rails that are then supported by posts.

This fence uses broad bamboo posts for poles with narrower bamboo for the rails. This features bamboo slats woven in and out of the poles for a more open look, perfect for bright sunny days. It’s a good fence to have for borders to the garden, though it provides little privacy.

This open-style fence is also ideal for gardens, consisting of broad, horizontal rails that are held up by pickets on both sides. The appearance of the fence changes depending on what angle you look at it, creating variety depending on your vantage point. It’s a perfect addition to a garden for an authentic, traditionally Eastern look that works well with all elements of nature.

Bamboo offers a wide variety that can meet all tastes and styles. If properly treated, the fence should last a long time. Stronger than steel, bamboo provides quality affordable fencing that is environmentally-friendly and completely sustainable. Add the look of bamboo to your outdoor living space for an authentic look that blends with nature.


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