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Easy Halloween Food Ideas

With Halloween just a couple days away, we wanted to give you some yummy tricks that will easily help make your event or evening a delicious treat!

We recently gave ideas on how to decorate or create a "Tropicallly Themed" Halloween event. Well now here are some quick fix ideas to create some themed eats, that will not only free up time for you to enjoy your night, but also have your guests screaming for more. 

Jack O' Veggies
Halloween treats don't always have to be packed with sugar, but can also be good for you and fun to eat.  Create a fun pumpkin veggie platter by arranging baby carrots a platter, using either zucchini or cucumber as the teeth, and different types of dip for the eyes and nose.  For the pumpkin stem, you can either use a crown of broccoli, or slice the broccoli on a small plate to be another flavor to taste. 

Brain Jello
At any local grocery store, you can pick up a Jello mix that usually only requires a dish or tray and some hot water, to make.  For a gooey and absolutely delectable treat, purchase grape flavored Jello that will have a darker color and slice grapes, blackberries, blueberries, and gummy worms to add to the Jello before it settles.  Once it hardens to it's jiggly form, you'll have a flavorful dish with a brain dripping gooey texture. 


You can do this prior to your event, or make decorating cupcakes a yummy activity for everyone to enjoy.  Using ordinary cupcakes and frosting, you can decorate the top of the cupcakes with colorful patterns, a ghostly figure and even halloween colored sprinkles.  Black and Orange M&Ms add boo-tiful colors and another texture of tasty chocolate treat to the cupcake and frosting. 

Keep in mind that you can decorate cookies, pies or any other dessert in addtion to cupcakes.


Sliced Fingers

Point your guests to a delectable scare by creating these realistic looking fingers.  By using mozzarella sticks, you can shape them into fingers, press knuckle marks into them and use anyting from bell peppers to sliced carrots for the fingernails. 

This Halloween, create an array of fun without dedicating too much time, so that you too can join in on the ghoulish tricks and treats.  By using everyday vegetales that offer vibrant colors and textures you can have not only visually bewitching snacks that taste great, but are also healthy.  Many grocery stores sell pre-made frosting and desserts that you can either decorate yourself, or allow your guests to decorate together as a group activity.

All of this, with some decorations and good company, will ensure a scare-tastic Halloween. 

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