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Father's Day Gift Ideas

With Father's Day coming up this weekend (Sunday Jun 21st), that doesn't leave much time left for some last minute shopping.  Whatever your budget may be, Bambooandtikis.com has what you need to surprise Dad with the perfect gift to celebrate his special day and to kick off summer.  Here are our top 5 gift idea picks for Father's Day.

5) Bamboo Tikis Sign

To accent a Tiki Bar, hang in an outdoor space, or even adorn a wall indoors to give directions to guests, our Bamboo Tiki Bar signs help liven any environment while giving off a fun, unique and casual vibe.  Each sign is made from quality bamboo that has been varnished to endure outdoor elements while also providing a sleek look indoors. 

4) Tiki Statues

Transcending from Polynesian culture, Tiki Statues were once created to represent the Gods.  Celebrating tropical and island culture, these statues provide any indoor or outdoor space with an interesting and lively look. Because Tiki Statues
are hand made, each can vary in size, texture, color and style.  Coated in a Spar Varnish, the wood is waterproof and resistant to the environment.  We have Tiki statues to help promote fortune, luck, strength and even love.  What makes Tiki statues perfect pieces for conversation and decor is the extensive cultural background behind each piece, the dramatic expressions and undeniable charm. 

3 Tiki Bench

Continuing with the Tiki theme, our Tiki Bench is the gift for dad that will keep on giving.  Just like our Tiki Statues, The Tiki bench makes for a great conversation and decorative piece that is also functional.  Handcrafted from wood, then kiln dried and covered in varnish, this item is easy to assemble and disasemble for moving and space saving purposes. 


2)Tiki Totum Pole Surfer Bobble Head

One of our most popular pieces is this Tiki Surfer Bobble Head Statue.  Standing approximately 4ft high, this warrior Tiki is supposed to protect and heal those surrounding the space of where it sits.  Made from Coconut wood, it is also covered in Marine varnish so it can be placed indoors or outdoors.  The bobble-head moves by a durable spring attached to the body, and there is also a removable surfboard. 

1) Bamboo Tiki Bar


Now drum roll... because we are at our number one pick!  A Bamboo Tiki Bar is a gift that dad will love and the family can also enjoy.  Our authentic Bamboo/Nipa Tiki Bar instantly brightens and gives any space the tropical and island feel.  Tiki Bars are the all inclusive gift that provides a central entertaining area for guests, while also act as a centerpiece for any backyard landscape.  Because Tiki Bars are made from Bamboo, they are eco-friendly, durable and have a natural aesthetic.  They are also durable and easy to put together. 

When it comes down to it, the thought is truly what matters.  Whether you are looking to give dad something fun, a creative conversation piece, or a gift to promote more quality time with loved ones, the most important thing this Father's day is to let dad know how great he is!


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