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Fourth of July is This Weekend!

Fourth of July is this Sunday. Even though it seems like we just got done celebrating the beginning of spring and transitioning into the warmer months, the middle of summer is already upon us. Perhaps with all the goings-on of early 2010, you haven’t even realized it’s already the middle of the year. Fourth of July is a three day weekend for most people, and the perfect opportunity to take a second and slow down your faced paced lifestyle with some outdoor activities or parties. Here are some quick ideas for the whole family.

Obviously, we all want to spend time outdoors on the 4th. Plan a day at the beach with the family or get a group of friends together. Make sure to get to there early to get a good spot and bring plenty of food and drinks to last until fireworks. The beach is a great destination because there is so little you have to do to entertain people. The surf, sand and sun is usually enough to entertain even the most stubborn children. Footballs, volleyballs and a shovel or two are usually all it takes to keep everyone happy all day. Small grills are usually allowed on the beach, providing a quick and easy food-prep venue. All you need is a cooler with frozen meat, condiments and drinks, some blankets and towels and a few beach accessories and your day is all set. If there is no beach available, this outdoor day works just as well in the park.


If the beach isn’t your thing, take the weekend to show off all the time and energy you put into making your house a home and have a backyard party. Put that tiki bar to good use or dust off the grill and entertain your guests in your own private island getaway. Everyone is sure to appreciate your hard work and home-cooked food. You could even have them bring the ingredients potluck-style so you save on time and money. Fourth of July decorations are easy and simple: red, white and blue anything turns into a decorative piece, while American flags, confetti and streamers are inexpensive and easy to find. Throw some beverages in a cooler, play some outdoor games or simply sit around, relax and enjoy each other’s company. Good times are sure to be had by all in a low key and fun environment.


However you decide to spend this Sunday, remember to spend a few moments relaxing, enjoying the company of friends or family and celebrating the great country we all share. Most importantly, be safe and have fun. Happy 4th of July!


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