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Go Green with Bamboo Fencing

Going Green

Want to go green? Quit cutting down all the trees. Why waste a 40 to 100 year old tree when bamboo can provide one of the hardest building materials there is and grows an average of 50 centimeters a day? Indeed, bamboo is the fastest growing woody plant in the world. Some species can grow as much as 121 centimeters in a 24-hour time period. Stronger than steel, bamboo grows like a weed and can be a very viable building material, used on everything from houses to fishing rods to even bicycles.

Some of the larger bamboos make excellent timber, known as timber bamboos. Bamboo has been used to build suspension bridges in China, even as early as 960 A.D. It’s still used to build skyscrapers in Hong Kong. In the Philippines, it’s a common building material for housing. It’s often used to build scaffolding, house frames, and can be a substantial alternative for steel reinforcement in concrete buildings. It also makes for great flooring because of its affordability and durability. Entire houses can be made from bamboo.

With a rapid growth from a very short lifestyle, bamboo is one of the most sustainable building materials in the world. It’s truly a renewable resource as it can be harvested on a regular basis without harming the ecosystem. In 3 to 4 months, bamboo will achieve its full height, growing taller than some trees grow their entire lives, all in the span of a fraction of the year.

What’s more, bamboo can be grown by indigenous cultures, providing a substantial and reliable income for people in less industrial countries. It creates jobs and sustenance in areas where there are few other opportunities.

Bamboo makes for beautiful fencing, creating an appealing island look that’s also very durable. Long lasting, bamboo fences can take a lot of abuse while still looking beautifully exotic. With strength equivalent to cedar wood, bamboo fencing can be used for both decorative and as well as functional fences. Whether you want a border for your yard or a fence to keep animals, bamboo provides the strength you need with a beautiful exotic look, great for decorating a home, a restaurant, or even fencing in animals.

Everyone loves the shade of a cool umbrella, but if you use something synthetic, keep in mind it will litter on the earth forever. Bamboo can make exotic looking umbrellas that are completely natural. Bamboo umbrellas are long lasting; yet don’t litter the earth like un-natural plastic junk that can be around for thousands of years.

Bamboo poles can be used for any of your construction needs. Bamboo is beautiful, durable and very lightweight. Bamboo can be used for a sustainable, ecologically friendly pavilion, perfect for relaxing in the shade. Because it’s natural, bamboo is much more sustainable than any pop-up shelter you’d ever find at Wal-Mart.

The shoots also make a great food, used in many Asian dishes. It provides a great source of potassium, although some of the larger varieties do contain cyanide. Bamboo is also a great medicine for treating infections and healing.

Going green means using sustainable means to live our lives. Growing like a weed but stronger than many hardwoods, bamboo creates a green building option that’s also good for the economies of indigenous cultures. Why lay the forests to waste when bamboo can provide stronger building means with just a few months of growth? It can be grown just about anywhere, yet it doesn’t take over like some evasive species. Although it returns every year, bamboo can be easily controlled and maintained, creating a substantial building source that literally grows like a weed.


Glad I've finally found

Glad I've finally found smeothing I agree with!

We believe in the power of

We believe in the power of bamboo to revolutionize not only our economy but our environment and our values. We believe in everything bamboo stands for and are glad that we have found other fans of environmental responsibility out in cyberland. Thanks for reading!

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