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Going Green with Bamboo Flooring

Going Green With Bamboo FlooringInterested in saving the world from pollution and Greenhouse meltdown? As the percentage of forests on the Earth continues to erode, it seems like the only lasting legacy people will leave behind is the chemical plastics they’ve invented. The push to live "green" has inspired many people to use bamboo flooring in their homes. There are many good reasons for going "green" with bamboo flooring. Bamboo is ecologically sustainable, affordable and looks beautiful in any home.

Bamboo looks like hardwood, but really isn’t wood at all. It’s a type of grass, one of the heartiest and fastest growing plants that there is. While trees can take generations to develop their height and strength, bamboo achieves full maturity in a couple of years. Some species of bamboo grow as much as a meter a day. It’s one of the fastest growing construction materials there is.

Though it’s only a plant, bamboo plays a critical role in emitting oxygen into the environment, as well as absorbing carbon dioxide to help reduce the Greenhouse effect. Indeed, a patch of bamboo will generate more oxygen than a patch of trees. A bamboo forest also creates a protective canopy, creating a natural atmospheric and soil purifier. It creates a viable alternative to deforestation. Bamboo can be planted and easily regenerated, benefiting the quality of the air as it grows. Going green with bamboo flooring directly counteracts the effects of Global Warming.

Bamboo Grows Great Without Pesticides
Bamboo’s resilience doesn’t require much fertilizer or the harsh use of pesticides, so it’s a healthier growing option. It doesn’t even take much water.

Practical for the Environment, Practical for the Floor
Bamboo has a hardiness that’s comparable to oak. Through the ecological manufacturing process of bamboo flooring, the bamboo becomes hard enough to be made into sturdy wooden floor planks. It works well in any installation that would be ideal for hardwood floors.

Bamboo will scratch like wood, though it is less susceptible to scratching than most woods. A solid finish can be added for greater durability. You can also stain the bamboo to improve its longevity, as well as create an appealing color of beauty. Some people prefer to leave the bamboo it’s natural color, however, as the lighter blond color also offers a particular appeal that’s natural and authentic. If you should stain the bamboo, expect some variation, as you would with any wood, but this adds variety and exotic textures to the flooring as well.

Easy Installation
Depending on your handiness level, you may want to have the floor professionally installed or you may wish to do it yourself. Bamboo is easier to install than most hardwoods, but you have to have some basic proficiency for a quality job. Bamboo can be glued to concrete slabs, stapled to wooden subfloors, and even floated over most floor coverings. Anything you can do with wood can be done with bamboo, although the flexibility of bamboo will be easier to work with. Installation follows pretty much the same steps as hardwood floors, though is usually a less frustrating process.

Bamboo Does Have Different Ranges of Quality
Due to the increasing popularity of bamboo, some less reputable distributors offer bamboo that hasn’t matured properly, so do your research on the quality of the bamboo you are using. Immature bamboo is being offered to save money in the manufacturing process, but keep in mind that bamboo is already very affordable. You can find quality bamboo for half as less as you’ll pay for oak, but get a floor that lasts longer and is less susceptible to scratching. You may already be enjoying the more affordable option by using bamboo, so make sure the bamboo you choose is quality and not a cheaper and less mature variety.


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