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Have a Lazy Labor Day with These Easy Parties

A Labor Day party doesn’t have to be a monumental project, costing you an arm and leg and taking up your entire weekend in preparation. You can have guests over with minimal prep, expense and clean up…just follow these few simple rules:

1. POTLUCK. It doesn’t have to be as cheesy as the classroom potlucks you had in elementary school, simply send out an email volunteering your home for a BBQ and have your guests reply back with what they will bring. Tell them you will provide meat and your grill master skills, but explain that they will have to help with the rest of the fixings. In the email thread, instruct your friends and family to hit “reply all” a simple a one word response stating what they will bring. More often than not, people are willing to bring food items and/or beverages to a party rather than hosting one themselves.

2. CLEAN. The cleaner your house or party throwing pavilion is pre-party, the less cleaning you will have to do afterwards. Put away all your valuables and designate a room or two as “Do Not Enter” areas. Also, if you sweep and mop your hard floors beforehand, it will be easier to deal with spills and stickiness later. Make sure your tables and countertops are clear so there is plenty of space to set drinks and food; don’t let your guests redecorate for you.

3. DISPOSABLES. While using a copious amount of plastic and paper utensils doesn’t seem like the most eco-friendly way to throw a party, you can do it without being overly wasteful. First of all, designate your guests red party “cocktail glasses” using a sharpie or other unique coding device. Next, if all of your utensils are paper or plastic, they can be recycled, just make sure you have plenty of conspicuous trash bags around and have guests clear their plates of food and liquid before disposal. Last, designate a place for all bottles and cans; after the party, you can take them to a recycling site and make back whatever money you spent.

These three simple steps should take all the worry out of planning a last minute Labor Day party. The best memories often come from the simplest ideas. Once your guests are on board, all you really need is space, cocktails and ice! The rest happens on its own. Send this summer out with a bang!


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