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Here’s to Halloween!

Happy Halloween Bamboo and Tikis! Today is one of the best holidays of the year: when you are encouraged to shed your mild-mannered persona and become a terrifying creature of the night. This is the one holiday where you can finally live out your fantasy life. However, we remind you to do so in a safe, fun and healthy way.

If you are taking your children trick-or-treating, make sure you keep them in sight, that you have a plan and that they stay in well lit areas. This year, especially, be mindful of which candies your children consume. Inspect each piece for tears or holes in the packaging and stay away from brand names or descriptions you are unfamiliar with. The Los Angeles Police Department has warned that some candies may be laced with marijuana. Police have seized candy, cookies, cereal and soda that contain the drug with little to no distinguishable labeling. It must be noted that there has been no history of “pot candy” being distributed to youngsters, but vigilance never hurt anyone.

So whether you leave the house tonight for that costume party or to take the kids trick-or-treating, be sure you are mindful of your surroundings. Halloween is notorious for spooky happenings, supernatural or otherwise, and you don’t want your loved ones caught in the crossfire.


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