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How to: Cutting Bamboo Tambor Rolls (Paneling)

Need to make one of our popular Tambor Rolls shorter in height? No problem.

What you will need for the perfect finished cut:

1. A miter saw with a fine tooth blade (72 teeth or above)
2. Some shrink wrap or postal tape.
3. A marking pen and measuring tape of course.

The Tambor comes in a tight roll so you will want to maintain this during your cut. Tape the ends together.
(See picture 1)

cutting tambor rolls

Next determine the length needed and place a small mark on the Tambor Roll. You will then wrap more shrink wrap or postal tape around the mark where your cut will be. The tape/shrink wrap will aid in the extra clean cut so you do a splintering effect. Safety first, so if you have an extra hand this will go more smoothly with two people. With both ends supported by you and a friend, simply bring the blade down directly with a steady and consistent pressure.
(See picture 2)

cutting bamboo

The results, a factory cut ready to be installed as wainscot, on a tiki bar, or for an office or home project.
(See picture 3)

cut bamboo lumber

Cutting regular bamboo poles (lumber)? Repeat the same steps as listed above.

When cutting our bamboo fence panels a different cutting process will be required. See our article on “Building an Indoor Privacy Screen” located on our home page.

You are always welcome to call if you have any questions.



We are looking for a blade

We are looking for a blade (circular saw) or a technique that can cut bamboo poles without chipping tearing out.
Any ideas would be a help.

Thank you,

Any fine blade saw should do

Any fine blade saw should do the trick. You can even use the saw mentioned in this article (A miter saw with a fine tooth blade (72 teeth or above)) to cut bamboo poles. Remember to be gentle when sawing, cut at an even rate and avoid cutting at an angle. Never nail directly into bamboo as this will cause cracking and splitting and avoid placing bamboo directly into soil or grass. We hope this helps; feel free to write back or call with any additional questions.Thanks for reading!!

This has made my day. I wish

This has made my day. I wish all postings were this good.

Thanks for the compliment.

Thanks for the compliment. We try to make all our postings accessible, useful and interesting. Thanks for reading!

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