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Inclement Weather Threatens Recent Progress in the Gulf

Though there has been some hope in the BP oil spill news,  bad weather may halt progress temporarily, possibly for up to two weeks. As you’ve probably heard, the oil company has been working furiously to get the compromised well capped and in so doing stop thousands of gallons of oil from spewing uncontrollably into our waters. The cap was put in place in the middle of last week with integrity testing continually monitoring the interior pressure. As pressure built on the valves of the cap, hope that the oil spill would be effectively contained until two relief wells could be completed increased. All of this progress could come to a sudden stop as Mother Nature throws yet another curve ball the gulf coast’s way.

Tropical Depression 3 has formed in the Bahamas and could easily turn into a full strength hurricane in the coming hours and days. Currently, 35 mile an hour winds have suspended the operations of the both the clean up ships and the ones working on the relief wells. If the ships have to evacuate completely, work could be stopped for 10-14 days, depending on the severity of the weather.


BP had hoped to have the first of two relief wells completed by the end of July and fully operational by early August. Now, not only is this deadline in jeopardy, but the valves on the currently installed cap may have to be opened if crews are not in place to monitor their pressure. Experts worry that if monitoring does not continue and the cap blows, more damage could be done than if the valves are opened and a controlled amount of oil is released.


If Depression 3 develops into a tropical storm with winds at or above 39 mph, the hurricane will be named Bonnie. Hurricane Alex already delayed work on the oil spill last month and now residents, workers and the rest of the world have nothing to do but wait and see what course Mother Nature sets.


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