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Do’s and Dont’s with Landscaping

Whenever assessing a new project, especially on the scale of landscaping or making additions to an existing landscape, the options and list of things to do can be quite overwhelming. With spring right around the corner, it’s that time of year again where an addition of elements or a redesign of an area can help spruce up and bring in a fresh new feel. Here are some do’s and dont’s to help you effectively work through your project and make it enjoyable.

dos donts landscaping

Before anything else, do plan! It’s important to have an end goal in mind as to what you wish to accomplish. Don’t randomly purchase items, until you have gone over each area you plan to work on, one at a time.

In your planning, it is important to first decide what it is you need and want. This area will be your sanctuary and place where much time will spent so considering factors such as type of use, children, and pets can aid in deciding how things will be laid out.

Once you have a general idea of what you want, next is to find one focal point that you would like to accent and broaden from there. This focal point can be anything from a Tiki Bar, a garden statue, or even just a simple seating area covered by a tropical thatch. Focal points generally can be placed centered or to the back of an area, which allows the eye to follow the landscape to the focused area.

When planning placement of various items, it’s easy to fall in love with everything and get carried away. Don’t get rid of an area all together in the process of revamping. Sometimes various areas can become visually stimulating just by accenting with details such as a bamboo border. In evaluating your landscape, it’s important to maintain a consistent theme. Incorporating too many styles can cause a dizzying and cluttered effect. Elements such as varying heights, lighting, and fixture accents can help create dimension and texture to your backyard.

Don’t randomly place things expecting them to fit. Take the time to measure an area, and view it from different angles.

Don’t stress on constricting yourself to a timeline, and don’t sacrifice comfort for aesthetics. Remember that this is a process and although you may never feel your project is complete, it’s important to enjoy the journey to developing your landscape.

Anyone can enjoy their own bit of paradise right outside there door without breaking the bank. With Bamboo and Tikis, you can find the perfect treasures to add to the ambience and aesthetic of your landscape, at an affordable price, without forgoing quality.


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