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Largest Green Energy Initiative in the World in California

As California plunges further and further into a fiscal disaster, a recent develop may answer some questions about the future of industry, green energy and thousands of acres of contaminated land in the San Joaquin Valley. Westside Holdings has already leased 9,000 acres from area farmers to start construction on the world’s largest solar panel field, set to produce 600-1000 megawatts of clean energy. When completed, the Westlands Solar Park will utilize 30,000 acres of solar panels for up to 5,000 megawatts of energy.

The San Joaquin Valley’s location is ideal for a large power plant in California, set near enough major power infrastructure to supply the entire state as well as within a large, sunny corridor. However, once the remaining 21,000 acres are supplied with panels, billions of dollars of investment will be needed to build the appropriate infrastructure required to distribute green energy throughout California. The field will generate enough wattage to power 4 million homes, roughly the size of, America’s second largest city: .

The proposed Westlands Park provides a rare opportunity for environmentalists, farmers, industrialists and the government to work together for a mutually beneficial cause. Environmentalists are in favor of a large green energy initiative to be carried out on private land already farmed and cultivated beyond any further use. Farmers are looking for a way out of the last 18 years of detrimental water rationing in the area; there just isn’t enough water to farm the entire region effectively. Developers want to capitalize on the burgeoning green energy sector and the government needs to create jobs and support business to get the state back on track. Ordinarily, the eco-conscious are concerned with disturbing wildlife and disrupting otherwise pristine areas with pollution, noise and eyesores; in fact, the government recently passed a measure protecting a large portion of the Mojave Desert from any solar or wind farm development. However, the land in question, although previously useful for tomato, wheat, rice, bean, alfalfa and cotton growth, has been so over-farmed that the soil is contaminated with salt and other pollutants and therefore ideal for recycling within the green energy sector.

The California initiative has provided national inspiration. The Environmental Protection Agency is investigating landfills and toxic waste sites as potential energy farm locations while the Arizona Bureau of Land Management is looking to recycle its own “dead” landfills and abandoned mines. Ultimately, the Westlands Solar Park will create jobs, provide California with a huge green energy source and reuse land no longer suitable for farming without disturbing existing ecosystems or landscapes. The project, if done correctly and successfully, will serve as a model for other large-scale renewable energy projects


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That will be a sight to see!

That will be a sight to see! I know that solar panels and wind farms are not "natural," but sacrificing a part of the land for the sake of producing so much green energy is a good thing.

Stan Horst
Publisher: BetterBenches.com

Thank you for your comment;

Thank you for your comment; we really appreciate you taking the time respond to this post. Hopefully it informed your "green" consciousness; this initiative is a great way to recycle old land for new possibilities. We hope you continue to read and find our blog interesting and informative.

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