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Low Maintenance and Hard to Kill Plants for the Home and Garden

When designing a landscape or space, nothing instantly livens an area with essences of color, texture and vitality like plants do.  There is a common misconception among many that plants need only water and light to survive, which depending on the plant, is quite far from the truth. Just as with any other home project, gardening and tending to plants propose time, care, and technical obstacles that can make the task seem difficult.  Climate, nutrients, amounts of sunlight and types of water are all variables that contribute to the well being of a plant. 

These technical reasons are what makes newer gardeners feel that they are unfortunate when it comes to the care and tending to plants, when it could simply be not their techniques, but more so their environment that is not suited for the plants of their choice.

There is hope for all of us that do not have a green thumb, or lack the experience in grooming a garden.  There are an extensive amount of plants that are not only "hard to kill" but also "low in maintenance."  The important thing is finding the plant best suited to your climate or the habitat you plan to create your garden in.  So even with intermittent watering, lack of direct sunlight or intense climate, the following plants are strong enough to sprout life and bloom color for your home or garden, even on days where you may be tending to other matters. 

Baby's Breath

You can frequently see these white flowers arranged in bouquets at your local florist or supermarket.  Also used for potpourri, these tiny clusters of delicate flowers can handle intense sunny climates and even sandy dry soil.  These flowers provide a humble accent to other greenery without overwhelming colors or foliage. 


Known for its medicinal purposes, Aloe is used in an array of purposes including the treatment of burns, hand lotions and sunblock.  This plant which offers so many complex benefits is actually easy to care for.  Its thick leaves, reminiscent to textures on cacti, store moisture and have a thick waxy coating which prevents the loss of water and allows it to survive extended periods without water.  Planting Aloe provides a source for Aloe Vera to treat cuts, burns and scrapes directly from inside the plant.

Ivy (Persian, Irish, English etc)

Incredibly easy to grow and care for, Ivy comes in a variety of types, colors, thickness and leaf texture.  The most popular are the "bird footed" leaf styles.  The beauty of Ivy is its ability to grow on structures such as a trellis, lamp, fence or rooftop.  Ivy adds an inviting classic rustic look to any home.  Remember that Ivy lives predominantly in low sunlight and moderate water, so don't over water and keep it in shady areas. 

Marsh Marigolds

Golden and deep in color, these flowers are typically found in marshes, swamps and extremely wet areas.  If you live in an area with plenty of rain, or have a pond or area with constant moisture, the Marsh Marigolds will thrive beautifully.  They grow and perfectly accent wet ditches, streams or even a garden pond.

Globe Thistle

These unique flowers are anything but typical.  Physically intriguing from the colored spherical blossom, to the catching silvery green of the stems, the Globe Thistle adds an artistic accent to a garden like how a painting does to a wall.  The Globe Thistle thrives on plenty of sun.  Gardeners have been known to plant this flower to prevent soil erosion in windy areas because of it's tenacious root depth and strength. 

Wood Fern

Barren landscapes can instantly be livened by the lushness of this fern.  Incredibly adaptive, the Wood Fern can grow in most environments that can provide shade and dry soil. 


Thoughts of Cacti can stereotypically bring forth images of prickly trunks in baron deserts.  What many don't know is that there are many species of Cacti that bloom flowers, ordain intricate foliage and can actually be quite elegant.  Similar to how a sculpture enhances a space, the intricate shapes on a cactus does the same.  These plants live through intensely hot seasons and don't require much water which aids in water conservation for home owners.

The California Poppy

Exquisite vibrant petals form this cupped flower that seems fragile and graceful.  The magic of these tender flowers is that they can flourish even in poor soil conditions, extreme heat and direct sun.  They are often seen cascading through meadows and fields but can also add a tropical and exotic element to any garden due to their breathtaking color. 

Whether you are planting flowers, vines or cacti, every plant is going to require certain elements in order for it to thrive and grow strong, these are just a few of the many plants that are easy to care for and can bloom life into your home and garden. 



Oooh, you’re such an

Oooh, you’re such an inspiration. I love this blog!
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Thanks for reading! We hope

Thanks for reading! We hope we can continue to inspire you.

That was a refreshing post.

That was a refreshing post. I've only just started to grow my own veggies, I had my first tomatoes and onions and they have real taste, not like the ones you buy in the supermarkets. My next step is to Buy Roses and have my very own rose plantation. I really love this article and it encourages me to keep going.

Thank you for reading our

Thank you for reading our blog. Roses are an extraordinarily beautiful way to enhance your backyard and garden. They take a lot of work though, so make sure you have the time to care for them. Thanks again for taking the time to comment.

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