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The Many Uses of Bamboo

uses of bambooThere are a number of uses for bamboo and a number of both indoor and outdoor bamboo products that can be purchased for the home.  Before we look at the many uses and products of the bamboo wood, we should first take a look at the ecological benefits of bamboo which make bamboo such an ideal material for many indoor and outdoor uses. Bamboo is the fastest-growing plant on Earth and has been known to grow as fast as about 47 inches in one 24-hour period.  Compared to other woods, bamboo is a very environmentally friend product because it grows fast and is constantly being replenished.  Though bamboo is known as one of Asia’s abundant agricultural materials, it is also grown in other parts of the world, including the United States, and is native to Australia as well. Still, Asia is the largest producers of bamboo.

There are many uses of bamboo in today’s society.  Here are four of them main uses:

Bamboo in the Garden

Bamboo is often used in the garden for esthetic purposes.  But because of the fast growth rate of bamboo, people are often shocked when the find that the bamboo they planted has taken over their yard.  Not only does bamboo shoot up at a fast pace, but it will also spread to different areas of the yard at a fast pace as well.  Therefore, when planting bamboo, one must be ready for the regular high maintenance before choosing bamboo for their garden.  If you like the look of bamboo, choosing some outdoor bamboo products might be a better decision.  But if you like taking on a challenge, planting bamboo in your garden would work for you.

Bamboo as a Material

When treated correctly, bamboo is a very durable yet lightweight material.  This makes bamboo an ideal material for a number of wood products and as a wood for construction purposes.  In fact, it is possible to get a house built out of bamboo.  However, bamboo is more widely used for smaller products such as wood floors, furniture, kitchen products, indoor and outdoor décor, paper, fishing rods, wind instruments, etc.  There are too many ways to list them all here, but if you could think of it, it could probably be made from bamboo.

Bamboo as a Source of Food

The shoots of some bamboo verities are edible directly off the plant while other verities can be toxic if not treated properly and can be lethal if ingested.  Obviously, the forms that can be found at most markets are treated and are edible.  The bamboo shoot is the most common culinary form of bamboo and is most known for its use in many different Asian and Indian dishes.  There are also other culinary forms, such as pickled bamboo that can be used as a condiment, bamboo sap that can be used to make sweet wine, and bamboo leaves that can be used for wraps.  Bamboo is also used as material for kitchen cookware and utensils.

Bamboo in Medicine

Bamboo is used in Chinese homeopathy medicine for healing and for treating infection.  Besides its healing power, bamboo is also known for its high source of potassium for muscle strength.  In Indian medicine, bamboo was used in a concentration for a tonic known to treat respiratory disease; however, the concentration is hard to come by these days and has been since replaced with silicic acid.

Overall, bamboo has many different uses and has come a long way in helping our world become more environmentally friendly.


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