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Most Unique Bamboo Based Products

Bamboo grows at an incredibly fast rate, boosting an average of 60 cm in a single day. What’s even more impressive is that the uses of this natural plant grow just as fast. Bamboo products are being used in everything from skateboards to football helmets to bicycles. There’s even a wide line of bamboo furniture available. There’s almost nothing this resilient plant can’t do.

Arbor Koa's Hybrid Bamboo 38" Skateboard

This skateboard is as light as balsa wood, earth-friendly, stylish, and stronger than steel. You can’t go wrong with this hybrid bamboo skateboard. Your average skateboard is made out of composite plastics that are bad for the environment. The remains will last thousands of years, contributing to the pollution of the environment. Bamboo skateboards are completely natural, environment friendly, and built to last. Next time you’re in the market for a new skateboard, check out the hybrid bamboo skateboard.

The Bamboo Bar

You’ve probably heard of bamboo drinking cups, but in Vietnam, the Yo Trang Nghia co. ltd architecture firm built an entire bar out of bamboo. Challenged by high flooding and other destructive phenomena that afflict the area. The firm relied on a design that was cheap, easy to rebuild, and could survive floods. Since bamboo is so prevalent in Vietnam, it was a natural selection as a building material. The bar is even decorated with bamboo furniture, making it a complete bamboo paradise.

Bamboo Racing Bike

Designed by Craig Calfee, the bamboo racing bike features a lightweight bamboo frame that’s stronger than steel. Priced at $2,000 a bike, this racing bike is built to last.

Bamboo Flooring

Two times harder than oak, bamboo has become a popular hardwood flooring option for homebuilders looking for environmentally friendly alternatives. Strand woven bamboo flooring can be applied in easy steps. It ranks among the most useful bamboo products, as it’s cheaper to manufacturer, long lasting and has an appealing earthy quality that’s perfect for decorating. Consumer Reports recently found that bamboo floors outperform oak.

Bamboo Furniture

Bamboo makes for incredible and long lasting furniture. Stronger than oak, bamboo is a cheaper building material because it is easily grown and widely available. Plus, bamboo furniture is charming and quaint. Dining room tables, bookcases and coffee tables are widely available and make great conversation pieces. There’s diverse bamboo furniture options available online.

Bamboo Helmet

Of all bamboo products, this one takes the cake. The bamboo helmet is made completely of bamboo-braided fibers with breathable cotton lining to give your head some breathing room. The helmet has passed Europe’s E22-05 safety requirements and is eco friendly. Skip the plastic and Styrofoam helmets of the past. Step into the future with bamboo helmets grown from the earth.

Bamboo Beach Towels

Bamboo may be stronger than steel, but knit its strands into fabric and you’ve got a durable towel, that’s soft as a feather. You can get a bath towel weaved from a 70/30 bamboo/cotton composite. Take your eco friendly bamboo towel to the beach, and enjoy the sunset.


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