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New VIRO Thatch Products On Their Way!

Bamboo and Tikis is proud to introduce a new line of eco-friendly products: Viro Thatch. Viro Thatch products are the only non-toxic and 100% recyclable thatch products on the market today. Made from the greenest plastic on earth, HDPE, they have a built in fire retardant, are completely water resistant and will not fade, rot or shed. When you’re done with the thatch, simply toss it in a recycling bin and the entire product can be reused. Not the only synthetic thatch on the market, ViroThatch is the first and only synthetic thatch created with an entirely sustainable and non-toxic production process

Virofiber, the parent company, conceptualized Viro thatch products with an exit strategy in mind. Viro production is an environmentally responsible, waste-free process that utilizes a 100% recyclable plastic and reintroduces excess product back into production. While most synthetic thatch uses PVC, a plastic that releases toxic chemicals into the air when burned and into groundwater when wet, Viro products use HDPE, a non-toxic, plant-based plastic found in plastic bottles and other containers. This unique production process ensures that Viro Thatch is not only environmentally responsible throughout its lifespan but guarantees that the products are fire, water and wind resistant. Viro products will not rot, shed or fade nor will they attract mold, insects or birds.

Viro Thatch is available in 3 different styles. Bali Thatch employs long, smooth leaves of light brown and honey to give the illusion of natural thatch leaves while Java Thatch consists of textured yellow, brown and terra cotta leaves to create the appearance of organic thatch. Brown, terra cotta and olive green straws make up Viro’s African Reed panels and umbrellas. All of Viro’s thatch panels, bundles, eaves and umbrella’s are fire resistant, recyclable, durable and will outlast any natural thatch products without fading, rotting or shedding. So keep your eye out for our new Viro products as we introduce the “environmentally friendly all weather wicker” for residential and commercial projects.


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