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One-Time Purchases To Stay Green

Staying true to your new found “green” philosophy can sometimes seem expensive, daunting and, at times, impossible. However, the key is to remember that little changes can have a big overall effect. Sometimes, small one-time purchases can be just the thing to keep your green lifestyle on track. Here are some examples of green products that will last you for the long run while simultaneously protecting the environment.

Reclaimed Leather Purses

Reclaimed leather is basically a fancy way to say 'recycled leather.' Independent entrepreneurs have created niche businesses breaking down old leather products like jackets and reprocessing them into “new” accessories like purses. This process is not only green but also provides the consumer with a truly unique fashion statement. You can reclaim your own leather if you have the skills, or you can send in leather products to companies like ReMadeUSA and have someone refashion a purse out of your old leather jacket.

Photo Credit: ReMade USA

Reusable Coffee Sleeves

These reusable coffee sleeves are handmade in Maui and sell on etsy.com for less than $10. With numerous designs to choose from, you’re sure to find something to fit your personal style. Stand out from the scores of nameless, faceless coffee cups that sprinkle your co-workers desks and cup holders while simultaneously saving the planet. Think how much cardboard you’ll save without those pesky paper coffee sleeves.

Photo Credit: Sofi de la Sota

Green Cleaning Products

Mrs. Meyers Clean Day cleaning products offer a green alternative to traditional cleaning supplies. Their unique scent comes from essential oils, making them a joy to work with while staying tough on dirt; their liquid products are biodegradable; nothing is ever tested on animals and their packaging is recyclable and consists of at least 25% post consumer plastic. An honest company with honest products is all they claim to be, while doing all they can to protect and preserve the environment.

Photo Credit: Mrs. Meyers Clean Day

A one-time purchase can do quite a bit of good. So instead of buying a brand new (and probably more expensive) purse, consider a reclaimed one that comes complete with a history and a story. Instead of constantly going through coffee cups and sleeves, consider bringing your own coffee cup or sleeve to your favorite coffee stand. Little changes in many aspects of your life can create a big impact.


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