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Our Bamboo Rug is a Hit!

Bamboo and Tikis' Bamboo Rugs continue to be a great hit!  A few of the things we strive to deliver with each of our products is the integrity in the design, quality, and an aesthetic versatility. 

Whether you are looking to infuse your home and garden with Asian inspired qualities, or create tropical accents, Bamboo has the ability to compliment many looks. 

Green Your Decor is a website dedicated to providing information on decorating with sustainable and Eco friendly products.  Showing that style and design does not have to mean further depleting our environment resources. 

Green Your Decor gave our bamboo rug rave reviews about its aesthetics, functionality, feel and quality.  To read the review and the awesome feedback we received visit the website

Thanks for the feature guys, and let's keep spreading the word. 


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Thanks for letting us know!

Thanks for letting us know! We really appreciate your reading and taking our advice to heart. We work diligently to write meaningful and insightful content and it's great to hear it's being used as it was intended: to help you make wise and well-informed decisions. Thanks again for reading!

The purchases I make are

The purchases I make are entirely based on these articles.

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