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Our Tiki Bar Products Gets Featured for Backyard Decor Ideas

With summer now upon us, backyard gatherings are a wonderful way to embrace the warm air and wonderful company. 

Creating themes in your backyard while decorating, help transform your landscape into your own getaway.  Tropical and Island themes are some of the most fun and easy to put together, and also create a magical atmosphere to your backyard. 

Pink Lemonade of Life is a blog dedicated to the different flavors of life, from entertainment, to green living, home decor, styles and more. 

Recently Bamboo and Tikis'  products were featured in an article discussing the history of Tiki culture, island life, and which of our products they suggest for transforming your backyard into an tropical paradise.  In addition to being cool, our Tiki Products were also given a mention for being "Green" and "Sustainable."

Cheers to Pink Lemonade of Life for sharing the variety of life and celebrating Tiki culture. 

To read the article  you can visit here.

Visit our list of Tikis Bar products to see the items featured. 



Not a problem at all, it was

Not a problem at all, it was the least we could do in return for your promotion of us. We should be thanking YOU! Thanks again and thanks for reading!

Just found your writeup -

Just found your writeup - thank you so much for showcasing our article!

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