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Save Water By Using Bamboo

The warm summer months are the perfect time to enjoy all the benefits of an abundant water supply. Most of us go to the beach, spend time poolside or run around in the sprinklers as much as possible to avoid melting in the sweltering heat. Here in the U.S. we often take for granted our access to water at any temperature at any time of day, but we need to take this opportunity to remember that it is a limited resource, despite evidence to the contrary from indoor plumbing and the proliferation of water parks.  Here are some tips for saving water this summer: 

  • Inspect what you have A quick glane and your home's pipes, faucets and hoses can reveal many inefficiencies. Oftentimes a simple do-it-yourself fix can save countless gallons of water.


  • Sweep  Use a broom to clean off driveways and sidewalks. This technique works just as well, does not waste valuable water and does not add excess debris to storm drains.
  • Take advantage of the mornings Water your lawn or garden in the mornings before 8 am. Getting up just a few minutes earlier to water will allow you to use less water overall as dew will already be helping with irrigation and the hot afternoon sun will not dry up any hose water.


  • Take shorter showers Cutting your time spent in the shower can save up to 5 gallons of water per shower.
  • Bamboo to the rescue Decorate and use bamboo products wherever possible. Because bamboo is rarely irrigated and supremely efficient at managing its water intake, it is possibly the most environmentally friendly crop. Its water storage capabilities make it ideal for both drought and flood conditions. Take pride in the fact that your bamboo furniture, décor and plants are functional, beautiful and water-conscious. 


If we all make just a few minor changes to our lifestyles, we can make a big difference in protecting our great country’s reservoirs and water reserves. Take some time this summer to figure out how you can be a part of protecting our water supply for years to come.




Kudos! What a neat way of

Kudos! What a neat way of thinking about it.

Thanks for reading! We hope

Thanks for reading! We hope you start implementing some of these quick and easy ways to start saving water...and encourage your friends and family to do the same. Thanks again.

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