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Bamboo and Tikis gets recognized for supporting the “Green” Movement

tall bamboo treesNow more than ever, with threats to the environment looming ever closer, and Earth Day being a recent holiday, concerns for the environment are being analyzed all around the world. Green living, bio-friendly construction, eco-friendly cleaning products are helpful, but what about all the other concerns, political and otherwise, that the average citizen has no real way of observing or finding credible information for? Relax, there is finally a source of information online where everyone find exactly what they’re looking for as far as the environment, energy crisis, and other related topics are concerned. Actually, the Cenvironment Blog has been around a while, –took us a while to find it, –but that’s okay, because that means it is packed with information for the serious environmentalist.

The Cenvironment Blog contains sections on each of its staff members; from its major staff, to its volunteer crew, and each of the main staff members have their own profile which outlines a list of their personal info, and their list of blogs. Continuing down the Cenvironment Blog’s left sidebar, we see a list of sites for center’s all over the country, and even the globe. Further down the left column is a list of each of the centers’ current projects, each containing important news and updates of their development; a valuable tool for anyone following serious environmental advancements. After that on the left there’s a list of current presidential projects for energy changes, and recent energy and environmental laws passed, “special items”, –like featured articles, and then onto the blog’s extensive archive of past posts.

One of these posts is especially pertinent to our cause; –basically, raising awareness in the ecological and economic importance of bamboo’s uses in home and garden products. The post, entitled “Bamboo Can Be Used To Make ‘Green’ Products“, gives a quick outline of the environmental importance of bamboo as a consistently renewable resource for the world’s timber needs. Then they’re kind enough to reference our site, as being a major provider of green products, with our vast collection of bamboo homewares and garden furniture. The main point of this entry is to outline in detail how well bamboo fits our planet’s needs.

Bamboo is described as an alternative; however, there’s nothing further from the truth. Bamboo shouldn’t be just an alternative to traditional, oak, maple, or teak woods. Other trees take years to grow. Bamboo grows at exponential rates in just months, and some varieties can grow up to three feet in a day! It is known around the planet to be the world’s fastest growing plant. Plus, it can be grown without the use of fertilizers, insecticides, or other chemicals. The article goes on to describe even further benefits, such as bamboo’s natural biological ability to consume carbon dioxide; every acre significantly increases oxygen and reduces CO2 emissions.

This in depth article goes on to describe our bamboo products, starting with our bamboo fencing, made in southeast China, from Tonkin cane which is just as strong as cedar fencing, –and even stronger than some steel alloys. They go on to describe our Moso bamboo rugs, both strong and attractive, for use on any surface. Another one of our best selling housewares is bamboo Tambor paneling; it can be used for ceilings, walls, even countertops and tables when resin is applied to the surface to create a flat, even top. Cloth backing is applied in order make it easier for designers to use the necessary adhesive. The article goes on to describe our thatch roofing panels, in different designs inspired by tropical locations such as Mexico, Fiji, and Africa. By then, the praise gets pretty out of control. But we’re proud to be exonerated by the Cenvironment Blog, and hope that we live up to their high standards, as well as the standards of our esteemed customers, every day we’re in business.


Sounds great to me

Sounds great to me

Thanks for reading! Glad you

Thanks for reading! Glad you liked it

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