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Top 5 Uses for Bamboo Fencing

bamboo fence

One of the biggest trends for the past decade has been "going green." One renewable resource which has been at the cutting edge of developing an infinite array of green products is BambooBamboo's exponential growth rate, makes it an ideal and eco-friendly replacement for traditional woods.

One product in particular is "Bamboo Fencing", which has become popular in various forms of decor.  The various natural colors, textural qualities and flexibility to compliement any design, are just some of the reasons that Bamboo Fencing is so versatile.

We wanted to highlight the top 5 uses for bamboo fencing.

Covering or Replacing an Old Fence

bamboo fencing

One of the most expensive renovations to any home is the replacing or adding a new fence. From the cost of traditional woods, to labor, cutting and more, it is costly time and money wise.  Bamboo fencing is extremely inexpensive, easy to install and offers a more visually stunning look than the traditional flat planked style fences.

Creating a Bamboo Patio

bamboo awning

Just like your backyard landscape, a well constructed patio can help add value to your home, and further enhance its look and feel.  When you can't take that weekend getaway, your backyard or front patio can offer a place of escape and peace from the busy world.  Patio flooring and awnings are not only pricey but are also difficult to install and aren't always that eye catching.  Many people use bamboo fencing rolls to decorate a patio area, or even as custom roofing to block out the sun or rain.

Creating a Zen Garden

feng shui bamboo

Although Bamboo is used frequenly for tropical decor, it is undeniable that there is a tie between bamboo and Asian design.  When decorating your home to enhance the Feng Shui, bamboo and water are the two elements that are said to balance energy and promote positive health.  The key to creating a Zen Garden is simplicity, which also means that maintaining it will be easy as well.  Pair live bamboo plants with bamboo fencing surrounding a water pond or rock garden to develop your own isolated area of relaxation, or even an exotic place to entertain guests.

Accenting Walls

bamboo wall and patio cover

Bamboo fencing is not just for covering old fences or outdoor decor, but its naturally exotic appearance can enhance your home as well.  Painting can be laborous and a lengthy commitment, so many of our customers just accent their walls with various colors of bamboo fencing and hang up wall art.

Custom Designs

The beauty of bamboo is that there is no project too grand or too small in which it cannot cater too.  All over the world Bamboo has been used for everything from putting up buildings, to roofing, down to making dinner mats, cutting boards and hand towels.  Our rolled bamboo fences are sold in various sizes and colors, so that you can create almost anything to go with any decor.  Whether your style is art deco, contemporary or classic, bamboo accents or prominent bamboo pieces can liven your home and garden. 



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