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What is “Where’s Jamie”?

wheres jamie

With the launch of the new BambooandTikis.com, we’re ecstatic to share with you all of our new features, articles, current events, and personal blogs/bios to get to know us on a personal level.  So if you have found yourself clicking on “Where’s Jamie” and are wondering what this link could be about, let’s first start with “Who’s Jamie”.

Jamie Kocher, born in Los Angeles but grew up almost everywhere else in the world, since youth has excelled in athletics and academics.  By the time that college came around, Jamie found himself wanting to live out his passion, which was surfing waves all around the world.  He took the next nine years finishing college but the extended academic time left him with no regrets, and fulfilled with friendships, lessons, and grand experiences.  Jamie’s business career has spanned from selling cigars, being a pilot, selling hardware tools, and now owning a retail/e-commerce business selling decorative arts for the home and garden.

All of these details in a nutshell do not even begin to describe Jamie’s adventures and amazing life stories.

The purpose of “Where’s Jamie” is to bring to you the personal side of BambooandTikis.com, let you get to know our owner, and share or relate in his experiences.  Although we may be an internet retail company, we want to show that we’re a company backed by real people, with real lives, and real stories.  All of which we want to relate and share with you.

Visit back often for updates from us, Jamie himself and frequent contests that could win you BambooandTikis.com dollars.

Periodically we’ll be posting pictures of Jamie in a secret location somewhere in the world, and the first to email us with his location (town and country) will win a Bamboo and Tikis gift certificate that could be used on anything from a beautiful Tiki Statue, to bamboo fencing, or tropical décor for your home and garden.

We’ll also be updating our About Us page very soon, with bios and pictures of the rest of us behind the scenes.  Don’t forget to visit our contact us page, and share with us your experiences, thoughts and questions as well.  We want to get to know you, share in your projects and hear your crazy stories too.

So welcome! We hope you enjoy your visit here at www.bambooandtikis.com, find useful information and also gain a couple laughs along the way.

As Jamie says “I came to realize that life is way too short; you should enjoy it, and not get buried in the process of what is expected of you.”

See you real soon.


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