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World's Biggest Retailers "Go Green"

At Bamboo and Tikis, we strive to provide our supporters with environmentally responsible products, services and information to help protect and sustain our planet as best we can. Lately, this new “eco-trend” has gained steam around the world and is affecting consumers, large and small businesses alike and our society as a whole. Some of the biggest retailers across America and Europe are integrating environmentally responsible practices at the local and corporate levels. Levi’s, Target, H&M and Nike are all trying to do their part.

Levi’s was initially caught up in the “EcoJeans” trend but like most other businesses attempting to create environmentally conscious denim, had to drop the concept when organic cotton proved too expensive to produce. Now, Levi’s has "re-" come on to the scene with its “Water<Less” jeans that are produced with up to 96% less water. Some styles require little more than a liter of water in production while most other brands require about 46 liters per pair of jeans. Levi's is further promoting its "Water<Less" campaign by encouraging consumers to wash their jeans only once every two weeks.

Target is doing its part to save the world by offering consumers recycling stations in each of its stores. Plastic, glass, aluminum, plastic shopping bags and small electronics can be disposed of in site. Additionally, the companys new weather-controlled irrigation system has reduced Target’s water consumption by 20-25%.

H&M is known for its affordable clothing and trendy styles. However, it also ranks on top of the worlds most eco-conscious international companies. H&M audits all of its production sites to ensure environmental compliance with local codes and standards and requires water waste treatment facilities at all of its factories. The company has also committed to reducing the amount of PVC used in its store construction; PVC is not used in any new flooring and only minimally in interior design.

Nike is the worlds leading athletic shoe retailer, making it one of the most leather dependant companies on the planet. The company has teamed up with tanners and other footwear companies to ensure the most environmentally responsible leather-production methods are utilized by its suppliers. Additionally, Nike has pledged to use at least 5% organic cotton in all of its cotton-containing apparel by the end of this year and uses virtually no PVC in any of its products.

While we do our part on a local level, it is refreshing to see that other, larger companies are also attempting to do their part. Of course, as consumers, we can all force our retailers to continue their environmental efforts by demanding eco-conscious choices.  Without us, these companies would not be the biggest retailes, therefore we need to hold them accountable for their actions in our world.


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