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What to do on Labor Day

The typical list of activities surrounding holidays such as Labor Day usually include BBQs, picnics and simple gatherings to enjoy the sun and a relaxing day off.  Labor Day is one of the only holidays that fall on the same weekday every year, the first Monday of every September.  This September 7th, get creative with a themed event, or plan a mini vacation to escape the busy city and daily routines. 

Bamboo Bikes Becoming Popular in Africa

Bamboo is truly an amazing plant, growing up to 24 inches or 60 centimeters in a single day. Indeed, it’s the most versatile and sustainable crop that can be grown. Plus, it can be harvested easily in many indigenous parts of the world, providing an economic resource as well as a sturdy building material for everything from houses to fences to home-style mats that add décor and comfort to any living space.

How to: Cutting Bamboo Tambor Rolls (Paneling)

Need to make one of our popular Tambor Rolls shorter in height? No problem.

What you will need for the perfect finished cut:

1. A miter saw with a fine tooth blade (72 teeth or above)
2. Some shrink wrap or postal tape.
3. A marking pen and measuring tape of course.

The Tambor comes in a tight roll so you will want to maintain this during your cut. Tape the ends together.
(See picture 1)

Home Ingredients and Remedies for Insect Control

Summer is a season that brings about not only great weather and longer days but also an abundance of insects in both the home and garden.  Your home is the ultimate utopia for a pest with an unlimited supply of food and many crooks and crevices for bugs  to take refuge in.  There seems to be saturation in the market of chemical pesticides that all claim to annihilate insects, but these chemicals can also be harmful to the environment, your family and animals.  Just like home medicinal rem

Decorate in a Day – 5 Steps to a Backyard Makeover

Are you looking for that perfect getaway this summer but find that time and budget constraints can make planning that perfect vacation tough? Why not plan a stay-cation and create your great escape in your very own backyard that you can enjoy anytime. So don’t worry about packing up the luggage or blocking out weeks of your schedule, we have five simple steps to help give your backyard that magic makeover in less than a day.

Defining Facts about Deforestation

Deforestation is the permanent removal, destruction, and clearing of forest and woodlands on a large scale which results in damage to land quality, and most important, causes an environmental impact that will result in climate, water cycle, and land changes.  These changes will have a vast effect on our way of life in the near and distant future if not addressed in the present.

History of Tiki Culture and Where It Fits Today

tiki cultureThe tiki culture is more about a style that originated in American restaurants, clubs, and bars in the 1930s than it is about the actual history of the tiki.  Though inspired by Polynesian mythology and artifacts, such as the Tiki, a wood or stone humanoid carving, the tiki culture itself began as a theme and grew into a fad that spanned many decades, including the time period of World War II, the addition of Hawaii as a US state, through the pop culture of the 1950s and 1960s, and into today.

The Tiki Culture Revival

Arizona Foothills is a magazine in which themes articles based on "style, substance and sophistication" featuring everything from fashion, events, travel, entertainment, style and beauty, into modern day living.

The Many Uses of Bamboo

uses of bambooThere are a number of uses for bamboo and a number of both indoor and outdoor bamboo products that can be purchased for the home.  Before we look at the many uses and products of the bamboo wood, we should first take a look at the ecological benefits of bamboo which make bamboo such an ideal material for many indoor and outdoor uses.

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