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Bamboo Fencing

Bamboo fencing is perfect for your indoor and outdoor decorative needs. You can use rolled bamboo fencing for walls, barriers, room dividers, windows, ceilings, and more. Create a beautiful outdoor structural fence by using multiple panels together and add a new exotic look!

At Bamboo and Tikis, we offer long-lasting, top-quality bamboo fencing for all your fencing needs. Our rolled bamboo fencing is made of durable Tonkin cane from southeast China. This bamboo stalk has the strength equivalent to Cedar wood. Unlike the use of conventional woods, by using bamboo materials, you not only have a unique and elegant look, but are also contributing to preserving the environment. Bamboo is considered a green building and decorating material since it grows rapidly, making it a renewable resource that is strong and durable.

For more ideas about what to do with your bamboo rolled fencing, you can view various rolled bamboo applications in our installation gallery.  To go along with your new bamboo rolled fence, check out a tiki statue, a bamboo area rug, bamboo furniture, tiki poles, or a beautiful bamboo tiki bar. Our outstanding selection of bamboo products will turn your home and yard into a tropical setting ready for relaxation or entertaining. Also, take a look at our list of satisfied customers.

We recommend protecting  your bamboo by apply a good quality UV resistant and oil-based sealant. 


3/4"D x 3'H x 6'L
3/4"D x 6'H x 6'L
3/4" D x 6' H x 8' L
1"D x 3'H x 8'L
1" D x 4' H x 6' L
1"D x 4'H x 8'L
1" D x 6' H x 6' L
1"D x 6'H x 8'L
2"D x 6'H x 8'L
2"D x 8'H x 8'L
1"D x 8'H x 8'L
2"D x 4'H x 8'L
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