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Thatch Structures

Create a beautiful tropical setting in your home and/or yard with authentic tropical thatch roofing. Thatch roof is one of the oldest forms of roofing known. Thatching is a craft that has taken many years to perfect, and has become extremely durable and versatile. The addition of a thatch umbrella kit or Tiki bar is an easy and effective way at setting the tropical tone to your landscape.  Tropical thatch can be used to cover roofs, umbrellas, tiki bars, or accent other structures.  Bamboo and Tikis brings you high quality coco palm thatch roof panels from Mexico (also known as palapas), cape reed panels from Africa, and thatch panels from Fiji.

Easy to install, our thatch panels are durably constructed and have the unique ability to withstand sun, rain, and wind. The panels also have great insulation qualities by providing shade from the sun, or keeping in heat.

Thatch also goes very well with other tropical decor such as bamboo fencing, a bamboo flowerbed border, tiki statues, bamboo furniture, bamboo rugs, and bamboo water fountains. Take a look at our installation gallery for ideas for thatch uses. Also, you can find answers to questions you may have about thatch roofing uses, installation, and maintenance in our About Thatch section.

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Africa Thatch Reed Umbrella Kit 7 1/2'
Umbrella Kit
Umbrella Kit 11 ft
Africa Thatch Umbrella Kit - 4 Post
4 Post
Synthetic Thatch Umbrella Palapa
synthatch umbrella kit
synthatch umbrella palapa
Palapa Cover
Mexican Palm Thatch
Palapa Cover
Mexican Palm Thatch 14'
Palapa Cover
9' Bamboo Umbrella
11' Bamboo Umbrella
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