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Tiki Statues

A Tiki statue is a unique and fun way to add that tropical feel in your home and yard.

Just like our other collection of tropical décor, Tikis can be easily converted into conversation pieces. Since they are hand-carved, no two tikis are the same. The history behind them comes from Polynesian culture. Polynesians used tikis as representation of their gods. Tikis were placed outside the doors of temples and other sacred Polynesian places. Read more about Tiki culture here.

Our Hawaiian-Polynesian style Tiki statues can add a beautiful tropical touch to any landscape. These statues can be a creative, unique, and colorful addition to your home or yard. All of our statues compliment our other tropical decor such as a romantic tiki hut, tiki torches, a bamboo tiki bar, bamboo fencing, and more. Look below for the various statues we offer or come on over to our immense Bamboo and Tikis showroom in beautiful San Diego. To complete your ultimate paradise, don't forget to also check out our other products for your home and yard, including a bamboo rug, tiki poles, a Mexican thatch, or a tropical thatch umbrella. Create your island escape today!

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