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Backyard Decorations

Decorate Your Way to Paradise

Create your very own backyard paradise with only a few purchases and a couple of time saving tips. At Bamboo and Tikis, we advocate the use of bamboo and reusable, environmentally friendly materials in any project. Bamboo grows quickly in most parts of the world, does not require pesticides or chemicals to reach maturity and can be continually harvested with minimal soil erosion. Here are some tips to make your backyard tropical and green, in both senses of the term.


The first and most important step is to plan before you purchase. Draw out your backyard on a piece of graph paper and map out dimensions for furniture, umbrellas and empty space.


Different Bamboo Fencing Styles

Bamboo Fencing StylesOne of the fastest growing plants on Earth, bamboo is an environmentally-versatile building option that is highly sustainable and renewable. It can be used in a variety of fencing options that are attractive, as well as affordable. Here are a few different bamboo fencing styles to consider.

Bamboo Stick
Mimicking the look of a more traditional fence, a bamboo stick fence is made of bamboo slats, instead of the traditional poles being woven together with wire. It’s best to waterproof a bamboo stick fence for longevity. If treated properly, bamboo stick fencing can provide years of quality use.

Top 5 Uses for Bamboo Fencing

bamboo fence

One of the biggest trends for the past decade has been "going green." One renewable resource which has been at the cutting edge of developing an infinite array of green products is BambooBamboo's exponential growth rate, makes it an ideal and eco-friendly replacement for traditional woods.

Creating a Holiday Centerpiece

There is a parallel relationship between how we see things and how they appear to taste.  Because we eat with our eyes first, presentation enhances the eating experience. 

Dating back to ancient times, from royalty and nobility to common folk, eating has always been a sacred activity meant to celebrate, bring people together to become a merry medley just like the array of dishes being presented.

Decorating for the Holidays

The weekend after Thanksgiving usually means a few great things, lots of yummy leftovers, a tremendous amount of sales and the best of all, decorating and getting ready for the holidays.  Between  preparing for guests, gift shopping and so much more, the list of tasks can seem never overwhelming and not leave much time to think about decorating. 

Create a Tropical Halloween Scare-Ground

Along with cooler airs and the gentle fall of leaves, Halloween is first holiday to remind us that Autumn is officially here.  This season create an island theme to compliment your Halloween festivities that will have ghouls and goblins lining up at your door. 

A Glowing Scare

Low Maintenance and Hard to Kill Plants for the Home and Garden

When designing a landscape or space, nothing instantly livens an area with essences of color, texture and vitality like plants do.  There is a common misconception among many that plants need only water and light to survive, which depending on the plant, is quite far from the truth. Just as with any other home project, gardening and tending to plants propose time, care, and technical obstacles that can make the task seem difficult.  Climate, nutrients, amounts of sunlight and types of water are all variables that contribute to the well being of a plant. 

Decorate in a Day – 5 Steps to a Backyard Makeover

Are you looking for that perfect getaway this summer but find that time and budget constraints can make planning that perfect vacation tough? Why not plan a stay-cation and create your great escape in your very own backyard that you can enjoy anytime. So don’t worry about packing up the luggage or blocking out weeks of your schedule, we have five simple steps to help give your backyard that magic makeover in less than a day.

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