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Bamboo Facts

Go Green with Bamboo!

Bamboo such a great building material? Why? It is a versatile, durable and eco-friendly! There are many reasons why you should pick bamboo for your next project. Bamboo is starting to become a popular resource for backyard designs, home decor, kitchen utensils, towels, bedding, clothes, sunglasses, paper, and so many other products.

Bamboo, like any type of hard wood can be shaped, cut, or stained to any color. But the main difference between hard wood and bamboo is that it's very sustainable and environmentally friendly. Unlike traditional lumber, bamboo does not need to be replanted and is one of the fastest growing plants in the world. It also rapidly self-propogates with minimal land footprint. Bamboo has the highest per acre yields and harvesting it has low impact on the environment as well. 

How To Get the Maximum Life Out of Your Bamboo Fence

A bamboo fence is a great addition to any yard and an affordable way to spruce up or hide an existing fence.  However, like anything else, your new bamboo fence will have to be maintained in order to get the most out of it.  Here are a few easy steps to take to ensure your bamboo fence reaches is maximum life expectancy.

1. Every few weeks take a walk around the fence. Look for mold, rot, insect infestation or other pests and general damage. Be mindful of the base where moisture and vegetation are more likely to cause mold. For a taller fence, be sure to use a latter to inspect the upper sections and don’t forget to check wires or staples and screws for rust.

Save Water By Using Bamboo

The warm summer months are the perfect time to enjoy all the benefits of an abundant water supply. Most of us go to the beach, spend time poolside or run around in the sprinklers as much as possible to avoid melting in the sweltering heat. Here in the U.S. we often take for granted our access to water at any temperature at any time of day, but we need to take this opportunity to remember that it is a limited resource, despite evidence to the contrary from indoor plumbing and the proliferation of water parks.  Here are some tips for saving water this summer: 

Benefits of Using Bamboo Versus Other Wood Materials

Bamboo vs. Other Wood MaterialsBamboo is becoming a popular alternative to wood for many reasons. Not only is it more environmental, but bamboo can also be durable and more affordable. Plus, it’s light but strong, making an ideal construction material that’s also very sustainable and renewable. Here are some benefits of using bamboo versus other wood materials.

10 Reasons for Choosing Bamboo Flooring

10 Reasons to Choose Bamboo FlooringWant quality flooring that goes beyond chemical-laden linoleum? Bamboo flooring is not only a "green" alternative, but it makes a beautiful addition to a home. When most people think of bamboo flooring, they picture green stalks that would better serve as a panda’s breakfast than a dining room floor.  The reality is that bamboo actually creates beautiful wooden floors that add a touch of the exotic, while being extremely natural. Bamboo is a very versatile plant that is quite sustainable, being one of the fastest growing plants on Earth. Here are 10 reasons you should choose bamboo flooring in your home.

6 Most Popular Bamboo Products

Popular Bamboo ProductsMore than just panda food, bamboo is used in a remarkable variety of products. There are bamboo houses, bamboo skateboards and even bamboo computer keyboards. A very versatile plant, there’s almost nothing bamboo can’t do. Here are the 6 most popular bamboo products being manufactured today.

History of Bamboo

The use of bamboo goes back a long time. In fact, bamboo has been considered to be a symbol of good fortune in Asian cultures for over 4,000 years. Its ability to grow quickly and strongly has long deemed it a symbol of success and healthy sustenance. It’s one of the most popularly sought after Feng Shui symbols, highly recommended by the masters for creating a space of safe energy.

Bamboo’s long lasting life has instilled it as a Chinese symbol of longevity, and it is considered to be symbolic of long lasting friendship in India. Its rare blossoming flowers have also been considered a sign of impending famine, probably due to rats feeding on the flowers to multiply and destroy the area’s food supply.

Bamboo Fiber History and Production Process

Bamboo fabric is a natural textile that has been growing in popularity in recent years, both for its quality and its environmental friendliness. Bamboo fabric is made from the pulp of bamboo plants, which are actually a type of grass. The fastest growing grass species in the world, in fact, making them one of the most easily renewable natural resources we have. Aside from being more sustainable, bamboo fabric is also light and strong, with excellent wicking properties.

Growth Rates for Different Bamboo Plants

Bamboo is the fastest growing plant in the world, making it an environmentally friendly construction alternative to hardwood trees. Each species grows at its own rate, and growth rate is dependent on the climate and growing conditions. Choosing the right species depends on how fast you’d like the bamboo to grow, as well as what you’re using it for. Compare the growth rates of different bamboo plants below.

5 Reasons your Garden Should Have Bamboo Plants

Bamboo is a wonderful plant, but its fast growth and versatility are some of the major reasons many fear growing it in their yards. It grows so heartily, homeowners fear it will just take over. Yet there are many noninvasive clumping bamboos available that won’t turn your yard into a bamboo jungle. Here are 5 reasons why your garden should have bamboo plants.

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